Halloween Four, The Body in the Extension

Yes, you really can buy a Mavis May latex Halloween horror mask online. Ironically, they’re priced in Euro…

What can I say about last night’s debacle? Well, sing along to the tune of “Any dream will do”…

I closed my eyes, and knew for certain
That my plan was working, that I’d force it through
And while back home the plebs were sleeping
And the country’s weeping
Any deal will do

I wore my coat, my cosy blue one
The one I always wear for my photo calls
And in the east, as the news was breaking
I heard the leavers quaking
Any deal will do

I’ll bully you, I’ll wear you down
Although my deal’s a crock of shite
I won’t resign, I know I’m right
Though I’m all alone

May will return to the beginning
As the light is dimming, and the dream is too
A referendum, a customs umion
She’ll just keep asking
Any deal will do

Perhaps I can get Chas to record it. Should go a bomb on YouTube…


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