That Berlin meeting….

***BREAKING NEWS*** Just in from our man in Berlin, Emmanuel Shicklegruber, leaked recordings of the historic meeting between Fraufuhrer Merkel and Britain’s Treason May…

May: I am sorry Mein Fuhrer, but the stupid Commoners refuse to obey orders over your Brexshit plan!

Fuhrer: Wass is de matter mit you, May? Vhy have you not whipped ze scweinhunds into line. You haf had over two years…

May : They just won’t obey me. I have tried everything. There has been no lie left unused. What more can I do?

Fuhrer: Your excuses are feeble! You must find a final solution or it vil be ze curtains for you. You vill be punished for your failure. It vill be room 101 for you…

May: No, no Mein Fuhrer! I beg you. Do not take my blue coat. I will do anything. I will roll over and let you put your jackboot on my throat, but do not take my coat…

Fuhrer: Zen bring me your wretched country on a plate. Blame the bolshevic Corbyn. Blame yer Boris. Blame the Mogg, but you will deliver. Zer fourth reich will not be denied.

May: But the backstop….

Fuhrer: Fuck zer backstop. You put it in zere to appease ze Irish undermechen. Zey are not important. I will preserve the customs union. Free movement must not be denied. Mine armies must be free to march across your lands

May: I need more time, mein Fuhrer. I must have more time

Fuhrer: Time is running out as its mine patience. For you Treezer, zer war is almost over

Now over to Lord Haw Haw in Westminster where he is addressing his MPs on the progress of cross party talks…


4 responses to “That Berlin meeting….

  1. Stephen Mundane

    Brilliant! Satire meets truth…

  2. Absolutely spot on! By the way, nice to see you back, Mr D. – I’ve missed your slant on things.

  3. williestroker

    Yes, unfortunately spot on.
    Absolutely furious that after three years the political classes have got us to the position they have.
    Not only a disgrace to those who gave their lives to protect this country and the freedoms we enjoy today, but to those 17.4m who voted to Leave the corrupt dictatorship otherwise known as the EU.

  4. Roll on the elections, I can’t wait.
    The Brexit Party for Europe
    UKIP Nationally.
    Anyone but Labour locally