There’s been a lot of bleating about a bunch of activists outside the Houses of Parliament harassing Anna Soubry because of her stance on Brexit. Apparently some nasty people called her a nazi. This is completely out of order. She’s not a nazi.

She’s a traitor.

This is a woman who refuses to accept the democratic wishes not only of 17.4 million voters but who also refuses to do the job that she was elected to do, namely to represent the constituents who voted for her amd to reflect the policies in the manifesto on which she stood.

Broxbourne voted to leave the EU by somewhat more than the national vote. This is not good enough for our Anna. Presumably she knows best. This makes her not only a traitor but a lying, arrogant traitor to boot.

Anna is one of a sorry breed of politicians who seem to have forgotten what it is they are being paid handsomely to do – represent the people who elected her. She is not alone in this. I live in one of the top ten leave voting constituencies in the UK and yet my MP openly states that she will vote for May’s capitulation agreement.

It has been suggested that we should write to our MP and tell them exactly what we think. I did this and got a standard reply from the local office. I replied and they sent me the same letter again. This suggests to me that nobody actually reads my letters.

So I wrote to her again but this time at the House telling her that if she persisted then she would lose my vote and that as a member of the party, I would openly campaign for her deselection. That woke her up but still failed to have any effect on her opinion.

It seems to me that people are becoming increasingly pissed off with politicians ignoring democracy, so if the only way they can get their opinions across is to harass members outside Parliament then I say bring it on.

But do it within the law and get your terminology right. They’re not nazis – they’re traitors who are denying democracy…


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  1. strokerwillie

    Anna Soubry urges police action after ‘Nazi taunts’ outside Parliament.
    Posted this yesterday afternoon on ISAC inner Brexit

    Like most of the Remoaner mob extremely happy when speaking out and trying to overturn the result of a democratic vote, but not so happy when people don’t like it and take exception.

    What did she seriously think would happen?

    Grow up stupid bitch

    Our local Ipswich Labour MP Sandy Martin scraped in by 800 votes at the last election. The Labour manifesto clearly listed Brexit as a party promise. Whilst post Brexit the UK has seen a 9% increase in Eastern European countries immigration the figure in East Anglia is closer to 48%.

    Whilst Sandy Martin was prepared to accept the result of his narrow win he has not accepted the national 52/48 Brexit result, not the local Ipswich 58/42 result to Leave the EU.

    I wrote to Sandy Martin to voice my concerns over several local issues, and to ask for his standpoint on Brexit. I never received a response. When I chased th matter up several weeks later I was informed they never received it. Which was strange as I was initially informed by email that they had. My former MP Ben Gummer had absolutely o problem responding to my letters, often comprehensively.

    I have no sympathy for those MP’s who decide not to respect the result of the referendum and or decide not to represent a their local constituents on the promises they were elected. Whilst I am opposed to violence I feel MP’s who choose to go their own way against the views of the majority deserve absolutely everything they get verbally.

    After all, after ourcMP’s refusal to listen to democracy and constituents written correspondence, what options are available to us?

    Nigel Farage and UKIP have had to put up with yesterday’s sort of hatred for years. Why is it only now being “noticed”? One rule for Brexiteers and another for those against democracy? Reckon so.