Deal – or No Deal?

Three days in and still no further forward.

The Daily Mail has changed sides with its new editor in place and is now spewing out the latest Project Hysteria crap – including a pro-forma letter to your MP urging him/her to support the sell out deal. Number 10 has sent a card to constituency parties to be given to all members of the party to send to their MP to urge them to support the capitulation. Both of these moves are reprehensible. Geobels would be proud…

So now the bastards in Parliaments MPs are having a day off. The Prime Monster has sent ministers all over the country to bully the locals put the case to the people so they can pressure their MP to support the deal. They seem to have lost sight of the fact that most people voted Leave and that MPs have already made their minds up that no deal really is better than a bad deal. This is a very very bad deal indeed and just because it is the only one on offer, it doesn’t mean we should sign up to it.

So what of the backstop? Well, May says she’ll give MPs a choice on whether it ever comes into play. This is patent nonsense as it would require a rewording of the WA which the EU have already said they won’t do. So what else can we try?

Well, the choice is now offered to either enter the backstop – locking us into the EU in perpetuity – or to extend the transition period until a solution is agreed. The EU will therefore have no incentive to find a solution, the transition will be extended and extended and guess what? We will be locked into the EU in perpetuity. This, of course, is the treasonous plan all along.

I read an article yesterday written by a Remainer. He actually said that he accepted the referendum result – how grown up is that? – but then went on to say that if there is a betrayal of Brexit there could actually be a civil war in this country. A bit over the top perhaps, but I can see widespread civil unrest that will make the Poll Tax look like a picnic in the park.

And talking of parks, there are two conflicting marches starting at more or less the same in Park Lane on Sunday. One for a Peoples’ Vote (thought we already had one?) and the other rather appropriately called “Stop the Treason”. It’s going to kick off, isn’t it?

And which ever side starts the punch up, I can see the headline in the MSM on Monday right now – “Brexiteer thugs turn on innocent marchers peacefully expressing their democratic rights”

The sooner Tuesday comes around and we get rid of this treacherous, bullying arrogant, deaf Prime Minister the better…

6 responses to “Deal – or No Deal?

  1. Gildas the Monk

    I completely agree. May is a traitor, and Project Hysteria is in full swing. As for “People’s Vote”, I concur; I rather thought we had one, but e just didn’t get the “right” result…

  2. Wigner’s Friiend

    As the result of the original referendum was “Leave” and both main parties stood on a “Leave” manifesto, surely the question on any further referendum must be “May’s Deal” or “No Deal”

  3. “Brexiteer thugs”………Very often referred to as Far Right now in the MSM.

  4. Assuming MPs vote down May’s treacherous deal, I suspect plan B will go something like this:
    Corbyn calls for General Election (cue laughter). He then repeats his statement “the alternative isn’t No Deal, nobody is going to allow No Deal…” Boris agrees.
    Mavis has already ruled out “a people’s vote or second referendum,” so the only thing left on the table is “No Brexit At All”.
    Thankfully the ECJ in its benign mercy has ruled that we can do as they say, so Mavis revokes Article 50, and hey presto we’re back in the EUSSR and home in time for tea!
    Oh dear… have just heard the ‘meaningful vote’ is now going to be kicked down the road. Mavis true to form as ever.

    • It could, of course, be that May is the ultimate strategist and that by getting a deal that is unacceptable we end up by leaving with no deal which was the idea all along.

      I sincerely doubt it tho’ as she’s just plain thick.

      I am reminded of Hitler in his bunker moving non existent armies around the map of Europe. She hasn’t got a clue. Bloody difficult woman? Yes but she being difficult to the wrong side!…

      • Agree, she’s thick and useless, which is why she was appointed in the first place. She’s been manipulated by the EU/UK Remain Establishment every step of the way. They’re laughing their socks off. With May’s deal the EU have a better deal than if we stay in.

        May’s deal or Remain, they win either way, at least as far as the money is concerned, which is all they really care about anyway. The only thing they really fear is No Deal, which our spineless EU loving politicians have ruled out… though could still happen by accident.

        Personally believe they’ll ditch democracy and go for a properly fixed, nothing left to chance, second (3rd) referendum.