Lies, lies and more lies…

“NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL” – remind me who said that. It seems to have been forgotten.

Yesterday, as a member of the Conservative Party – I received a ‘personalised’ letter from the Prime Minister as part of her ‘charm offensive’. I find it ironic that someone so devoid of charm could even contemplate using such an expression. However, the ‘offensive’ bit was spot on. Whoever wrote that letter for her clearly believes that I am pig ignorant fucking stupid!

Let’s dissect it one point at a time :

We will control our own borders and end free movement once and for all
No we bloody well won’t because we’ll be locked into the customs union by the ridiculous backstop that we can never escape from. The customs union includes free movement.

We will protect jobs with a deal that is good for our economy
Not while we have free movement – see above.

We will no longer send vast sums of money to the EU so we can spend more on our priorities, like investing in our long-term plan for the NHS
Yes we will. We will pay them £39billion for nothing and a further £10billion a year while we remain in the customs union.

We will be able to strike free trade deals around the world
No we won’t because we can’t while we’re in the customs union.

We will take back control of our laws, ending the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK
Partly true. The withdrawal agreement states that the ECJ will have jurisdiction in matters that effect EU citizens.

We will keep people safe against crime, terrorism and other threats by working closely with European countries
We provide more security information to the EU than the other way around. They’d be fools to throw that away and both sides know it. This is designed to make us feel warm and safe. It’s waffle and bullshit. And while we have free movement the terrorists can still come and go as they please.

And we will protect the integrity of our United Kingdom
How? Oh yes – by remaining in the backstop, Ulster will stay in the UK when they weren’t planning to leave anyway. Nobody wants a hard border in Ireland so the answer is simple. Don’t put one up.

And now the biggest lie of all : “Backing this deal … will honour the referendum result
No it fucking well doesn’t. It’s the worst capitulation since Chamberlain came back from Germany with that piece of paper. It’s the biggest national humiliation since Suez. It’s a deal written by the EU and ‘negotiated’ presidential style by a quisling. It’s a punishment deal.

The only thing in this letter that is believable is that it’s the best deal we’re going to get. The trouble is that being the best deal doesn’t make it a good deal. It’s a very very bad deal indeed.

Let’s get an email campaign going. Write to your MP. Write to the PM. Likely they’ll both ignore it but at least you’ll have done something and it might make you feel better. However, if the PM can ignore 17.5 million voters, the House of Common and her own Cabinet, ignoring a few thousand emails should be easy. But then again why roll over and make it easy for her. That’s her style, not mine!

You can email the PM at and
She won’t answer you if you’re not in her Maidenhead constituency, but it should piss off her local office.

To send a message to Number 10, you need to use

Make your feelings known. It’s time to get angry…

11 responses to “Lies, lies and more lies…

  1. My letter to our illustrious sell-out in chief:

    Prime Minister,
    CC: Bill Cash, my local MP

    I cannot find the correct words that will let you know the depth of my feelings on your sell-out of the UK to your “masters” in the EU without resorting to profanity and abuse.

    Do you really, truly, honestly believe that the supposed deal you have been ordered to present to us is “the best deal”?

    Do you really, truly, honestly believe that the majority of people in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (as it is called still, just, and against the machinations of many years of self-serving politicians of all sides of Parliament) are as stupid and gullible as you seem to think? If they are then I am ashamed to be British.

    Walking away without a deal and holding our heads up high and with pride saying “we won’t kowtow to unelected overlords” and putting up with whatever short-term punishment your masters dish out to us is better than what you are trying to foist on the people you supposedly represent.

    Remember, politicians and civil servants do not know best, you are public servants so start serving us.

    If any Bill deserve to have Royal Assent withheld – and there have been many over the years – this, if it passes Parliament, deserves the Royal Perogative to be invoked – is this the right name for it? I’m not 100% sure. Can someone put me right?

    In disgust,

  2. Thomas Cussans

    Chamberlain came back from Munich, not Berlin. Which is not to say that May’s behaviour has not been contemptible. At least Chamberlain, however deluded, had an honourable goal.

  3. Thanks. I’ve sent an email.

  4. Mrs May,
    This septuagenarian is appalled at how our once proud, fair and democratic Nation has been trashed by our Parliament these last twenty years or so. I am depressed beyond measure at the daily murders and stabbings, Asian and mostly Muslim grooming gangs giver free reign by Parliament and the police. The overwhelming numbers imported to strain our infrastructure and Health Service, in particular.

    All these terrible social failings ignored by Parliament and GE manifesto “promises” worth nothing. Now this terrible, gross capitulation to an unelected body of drunks and arrogant fools who’s attitude to the UK remains one of old enmity and a desire to punish the temerity of the electorate to vote against your remain credentials.

    Now you stubbornly treat the electorate as fools to be duped by you and your Civil Service career minded aficionados of the corrupt and undemocratic EUSSR. You vilify Russia and mock your own citizenry. This dreadful treaty you are hell bent on forcing through is a treacherous sell out and a disgrace heavily layered with outright lies and misdirection.

    If and I sadly feel a huge if, you retain any genuine honour and caring for the United Kingdom you would resign your terrible, botched and ill gained premiership in favour of a true Brexit PM and Cabinet.

    I sense it is more likely you will do whatever causes the greatest approbation of your EU masters and their glee at commencing their long held plans and plotting to turn the UK into minor states of a Federal Europe. As for The Conservative and Unionist Party. That’s been destroyed ever since a true and patriotic PM, Lady Thatcher was assassinated.

    You are not fit to hold the same office of many of your predecessors and you will feel the wrath of at least 17.4 million voters who you have happily and pompously let down. A shame on you.

  5. Mr Cussans, in today’s reality anywhere in Europe can be said to “from Berlin, or at least Germany. It will be ere long we join the euro, just you see.

  6. Well I wrote to my MP and told him I thought this deal was so bad that no-one with any brains or integrity could support it. I have written to Mr Liddel Grainger 4 Times and the self important barrel of wind has never bothered to reply. I believe his majority is something over 20,000 but I don’t think that is going to save him if he votes for this pile of fish guts. Which incidentally is about as much fish as you are going to see in the future if this deal goes through.

    Interesting that Macron could not keep his mouth shut for a couple of weeks, he did us a big favour by showing just how awful this deal is.

  7. It seems that some MPs of the Conservative Party are quite willing to sell out just to get a promised resignation date.

  8. Katharine Botterill

    I seem to remember back in the mists of time saying I felt May would bend over and take it up the back entry and that we would never get what we voted for. I do hate being right sometimes.
    I agree with your observations above 100%.

  9. ‘“NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL” ‘ may be read as ‘Nothing beats a bad deal.’
    If PMTMay had said “Leaving without a deal …” but she didn’t.

  10. The damage has been done. She will be amply rewarded.