Personally I’m getting sick and tired of the word “islamaphobia” being bandied around. It’s a nonsense word, just like “hate crime” and “racist” when applied to muslims.

Let’s examine the facts, rather than the rhetoric. Islam is a religion, it’s not a race. To apply the word ‘racism’ to criticism of Islam is a nonsense. It’s used by people who just don’t understand proper English. Ditto ‘hate crime’. What a load of rubbish. If I call someone who is white a cunt it’s OK, but if a call a Muslim a cunt then that’s a hate crime. No it isn’t. I don’t hate him, I just think he’s a cunt and his race, religion or skin colour is irrelevant. This is another PC phrase used against the indigenous people of this island. It’s one sided, discriminatory against straight, white, heterosexual, able bodied people.

But back to Islamphobia. A phobia is defined as “an irrational or illogical fear“. Last night a car was driven into people outside Westminster. Is it logical to fear someone deliberately driving a car at us? Of course it is.

A few months back I visited the 9/11 memorial in New York. It is illogical to fear islamic fundamentalists who hijack planes and fly them into tall buildings to indiscriminately murder innocent civilians? No, it isn’t. How about the July 7 attacks in London, the rampage in Borough Market, the hacking to death of Lee Rigby, tourists machine gunned on a beach, trucks driven into Christmas Markets, beheadings of aid workers? Do these events make you think that fear of the people who perpetrate these acts is “irrational or illogical”? Of course not. Yet when we talk about them and we’re white, we’re accused of islamaphobia.

Boris Johnson is being pilloried at the moment for making Islamaphobic remarks. Absolute bullshit! The guy was actually supporting the right to wear the burkha and saying it should not be banned, I actually think he’s wrong but that’s not the point. It is being pointed out that since this white anglo saxon male made these ‘islamaphobic remarks’ there has been a rise in ‘hate crime’. It wouldn’t surprise me if they blame him for encouraging last night’s attack in London.

So Boris said people in burkhas look like letter boxes. Well, be honest – they do, don’t they? Bit like walking bin bags too. That’s a fact, not ‘islamaphobia’.

He also said they looked like bank robbers. Well, explain to me why as a white man I am not allowed to walk into a bank wearing a crash helmet and yet a muslim is allowed in wearing a full face covering? And while we’re at it, remember that fugitive that tried to get out of the country by checking in at the airport wearing a burkha?

Of course, I will be described for writing this as a islamaphobic white supremacist. Well, I actually believe in treating all people equally regardless of their race and colour and reacting to them each individually depending on how they behave.

And I can’t be islamaphobic because there’s no such thing or racist because Islam is a religion not a race…

6 responses to “Islamaphobia

  1. I love that banner that says that Islam will dominate the world. I presume they are referring to their place at the top of the backward flyblown shithole chart. In what fantasy parrallel universe have they got the faintest hope of being world leaders in anything whatsoever? Where is their industry? Where is their cutting edge technology?Is it possible to imagine a more pathetic delusion than This?

    • Frighteningly I’m guessing that image was taken in the UK and most if not all of them are dependant on our welfare and benefit system. They are so smart that they want to destroy their own existence.

  2. Yea, white leftist liberals shall take the responsibility for this madness. They are the first to state that Islam is a religion of peace. But by deed and doctrine, ye shall be judged and on those grounds, the proposition has been found wanting. Funny, I posted about Islam: ‘The Religion of Peace’ from an objective rational viewpoint yesterday. Eh Mr D, did you get my email?

  3. mikesplaceweb

    Good points Mr Dioclese. Here’s reblog of some thoughts from Pakistani-American Sarah Haider, founder of Ex-Muslims of North America…

    Perhaps Haider is an ‘Uncle Tom,’ the delightfully racist phrase used by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to describe critics of Islam.

  4. We have a council of ex Muslims in the UK. In my opinion, openly declaring yourself to be an ex Muslim requires balls of steel and these people deserve the utmost respect. It comes as no surprise that the UK government ignores them and tries to pretend that they don’t exist.