More rubbish from Doc North

I’m not allowed access to Richard North’s EUReferendum blog in order to refute his arguments and am therefore forced to do so on this blog. North is not a person to tolerate alternate views and would do well to remember this stance when advocating free speech and honesty…

It’s the final paragraphs of his latest post about the EU blame game that really highlight the arrant one sided nonsense that this so called intellectual proclaims as the one true word. Let’s disect it one piece at a time :

“When it comes to the blame game, therefore, one must look at this in the round, where it is reasonable to assume that a properly informed public, aware of the consequences of a “no deal”, would not tolerate a government which allowed it to happen” says North. This clearly is absolutely refutable. The majority of the 52% knew damn well when they voted on the referendum that they weren’t likely to get a deal from the EU, an organisation that is more interested in punishment beatings than reasoned negotiation; that cares more about keeping it’s populations under the control of an anti-democratic elite than in looking after their economic and cultural wellbeing.

Given this reasoning, it is extremely likely that a no-deal would result in many applauding the government for not handing over £49billion in return for BRINO and the continued dominance of the EU Court, a free movement agreement and a custome ‘arrangement’ – indeed, Brexit in name only. There are many – as has been seen recently – who would rise up in anger over a deal such as the Chequers proposals.

Where newspapers … downplay the consequences, they too must share some of the blame if the outcome goes in the direction of “no deal”. The media must be more accountable for its actions and less tolerant of false witnesses in its ranks.” Pretty rich considering that North uses said media to spout his own twisted view of the truth whilst denying a voice to people who dare to disagree. Presumably he regards anyone he disagrees with as a ‘false witness’?

There are no circumstances where the WTO option could be anything other than disastrous. We have got to the stage where, in a mature debate, any claim to the contrary, and in particular assertions that there is “nothing to fear”, is demonstrably false. Those who have not explored the issues have no business pronouncing on them.” Well, I have explored the issues in depth – and I have a degree in economics so I think I understand the issues pretty well. We deal with many other countries under WTO rules and thee is no reason why we could not lump the EU into that system at the drop of a hat. The systems are already there; we simply apply them to one more country or, in this case, block of countries. Indeed those who understand the trade balance between us and the EU will know that we stand to make substantial gains from the duties levied. Yet another Brexit bonus, in fact.

But now we get to the crux of Doc North’s nonsense. Quoting his equally intolerant son, he says “Pete would have it that those who say we can rely on WTO rules as a basis for our post-Brexit trade relations are professional liars. I find it hard to disagree.

Well I disagree although, of course, I’m not allowed to say so to either North as they’ve both banned me from their sites. Pete went as far as to call me a prat and tell me to fuck off. Hardly reasoned debate is it?

As far as I am concerned, if we are going to start calling people professional liars then we really need to look at the Remain camp. I’ve lost count of which phase of Project Fear we are currently in, but just off the top of my head there was no emergency budget after Referendum Day, no collapse of the housing market, no World War Three or any other plague of locusts that the Remainers told us would be the disastrous consequences of voting to Leave.

And, just for the record, I’ve not banned either of the Norths from commenting on this post. I welcome the opportunity to refute their assertions. However, as they regard anyone who questions them as some sort of intellectual pigmy, I doubt I’ll get the chance…


4 responses to “More rubbish from Doc North

  1. Well said, Dioclese.

  2. I stopped reading EU Referendum because of Dr. North’s attitude to anyone who dares to offer a different opinion to his. As far as he is concerned it seems to be “my way or the highway”. Not a good stance to take IF you want to debate an issue.

    “as they regard anyone who questions them as some sort of intellectual pigmy” sums it up nicely!

    • I chose the picture above carefully too : How the hell does this self obsessed non-entity get himself a slot on Newsnight, flagged as a “Political Analyst”???

      I’ve actually read his Flexit plan which, given the size of it, took some doing. At a rough estimate, around 50% of it is based on practices which have already been tried and failed elsewhere. The problem seems to be that he’s totally inflexible even when proven wrong. The arrogance of the intellectual.

      Further reading :

  3. The most recent wave of project fear crap seems to be emanating directly from the Government. As I see it, any actual disasters that do happen as a result of Brexit will be as a direct result of Government incompetence. It used to be the job of the opposition to point out how useless the sitting Government was and to highlight their mistakes. What are we to make of a Government that basically shouts from the rooftops how utterly useless they are? Of course we can’t rule out the suspicion that they are doing their best to screw it up on purpose, in which case I feel that medieval punishments might be appropriate.

    What an amazing opportunity this could have been….