Oh Sod ’em !

A Small Town Man post…

News hitting the nationals this week from sleepy small town Bury St Edmunds. Seems one of the local celebs disapproves of the appointment of the new Dean of St Edmundsbury cathedral because he’s gay. Shock! Horror! How politically incorrect in these enlightened time where we all so willingly embrace diversity!

Which brings me to the picture above. For those of you too young to remember Spitting Image, this is Norman Tebbit. Our Norman is quite a big wig in Bury, famous for kicking a Chinese guy up the arse for letting off fire crackers outside his house as part of the New Year celebrations and telling him to “Bugger off!” As it turns out this phrase brings us rather nicely on to the point of this article.

Norman lives opposite the Cathedral and attends regularly. He also takes his bible seriously, and is adamant that the the new Dean, the Rev Canon Joe Hawes, is a “sodomite” – a biblical term seen as unacceptable by gay people.

He said : “I stand by what is written in the Bible, which is the basis on which the Cathedral was built. It says the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God. It cannot be a sin to be born homosexual. It is what one is. What I can’t accept is the activity. I use the expression sodomite. I find it difficult to accept a sodomite as a member of the clergy who will, for example, be called upon to conduct marriage services. I will struggle to attend if he is officiating.”

Needless to say he has been strongly criticised for his comments, but frankly if that’s what the bible says I fail to see how the Church of England can pick and chose what it decides to accept as the word of God and what it choses to ignore. Of course, in Smalltown, we do this all the time…

So good ol’ Norman gets a big thumbs up from me. Good on yer, Norm! Sod ’em!

6 responses to “Oh Sod ’em !

  1. Blimey, I’m surprised poor Norm hasn’t been arrested yet for hate speech. Perhaps he’ll be targeted by the far left instead?!


  2. Doxon of Dick Green

    I have no truck with religion but it seems that all religions are sacrosanct except Christianity. So good on Norman.
    We have an Aussie rugby international being howled down by the twatterati for expressing similar sentiments. His views, his beliefs. You don’t have to agree but he is entitled to them. It would be interesting to see what the reaction would be to a Moslem expressing similar views.

    • I think the throwing from the roof of tall buildings is a fairly forthright expression: I don’t recall any instances of the new lib/left getting hot and bothered about such expression, though.

  3. A big thumbs up…………..oo er missus…………didn’t he also say that the sodomite’s male partner was his catamite? I expect some smiting and brimstone aflame to follow. The police are conspicuous by their absence from the persecution of the use of freedom of speech by a pensioner.

  4. Er,, bugger the sodomites. I thought it was a positive advantage for the clergy to be raving pooftahs.

  5. Stonyground

    The thing is, The CofE, and other denominations too, have been ignoring inconvenient bits of the Old Testament for centuries. Saint Paul said it was OK to ignore the inconvenient bits apart from the gay bashing parts. Mr. Jesus said that every jot and tittle, whatever that means, was equally important. I would have thought that Mr. Jesus out ranked Saint Paul but, not being a Christian, maybe I’m not qualified to comment. I have actually read the Bible all the way through though, so that makes me better informed than most.