Does anyone really care?

Putin-Skripal-931915So an ex-double agent Russian traitor has been attacked in Salisbury probably by the people he betrayed. That’s an occupation hazard in the spy game.

OK his daughter got hit as well but that’s how the Russian Mafia work. We kill you and we kill your family if you step out of line. The only thing we should really care about is the poor bloody copper who got caught up in it all. He’s the only innocent in all this but being coldly cynical about it, it’s called ‘collateral damage’ and whilst it’s unacceptable it’s not worth a nuclear war. Anyway, chances are India and Pakistan have a good chance of getting in first on that front.

The fact is Putin really doesn’t give a fuck what we think. Some piss pot little island nation got in his way. So what? Yesterday he won a massive victory and another six years in power. The west will point the finger and shout ‘Fix!’ loudly but he won’t care. Like it or not, Putin is a strong leader and is genuinely hugely popular with the Russian people. It could be argued that he’s the sort of leader this country’s desperately in need of, but we have May. Could you honestly see Thatcher hiding in her office during an election campaign? Could you see her handing billions to the EU as a ‘divorce settlement?’

No. She’d give them all a bloody good handbagging and tell them to fuck off. That’s the kind of leader a country needs. Unfortunately, the country that has one is Russia..


8 responses to “Does anyone really care?

  1. Doxon of Dick Green

    Unfortunately Putin may be strong but he is a gangster. Probably the biggest the world has ever known. Russia has very little apart from natural resources. You wouldn’t want your car or TV made there. Putin is systematically plundering those resources, with the help of our banks of course, but how long can the Russian economy sustain these losses?
    Strong is not necessarily the description I’d use.

  2. If we are talking gangsters, I suggest our banks and political bunch rank more highly than Vladimir.

  3. “So an ex-double agent Russian traitor has been attacked in Salisbury probably by the people he betrayed. That’s an occupation hazard in the spy game.”

    I disagree. The Russians are a lot of things, but they ain’t stupid. Why would you go to those lengths to kill a traitor when you could have done it when he was in your custody?

    Secondly, when Russia does want to do another swap for one of its spies – nobody is going to want to swap, not if the one they’ve swapped is gonna get rubbed out later. So, no, that theory doesn’t hold water.

    Whilst it may have been the Russians, I don’t think it was state sanctioned for the reasons above, so that leaves the Russian mafia – and there is where I suspect you’ll find your answer.

    • I agree it seems an awfully complicated way of doing things when a bullet in the head would be simpler.

      The point I was making was – who cares who did it and if it was Putin then he certainly doesn’t…

  4. Doxon of Dick Green

    There is no difference between the Russian state under Putin and the Russian Mafia.
    Our banks are certainly greedy criminal bastards but our politicians can never aspire to the levels of corruption presided over by Putin.
    If you kill your traitor there cant be a swap. Makes sense to get them later, regardless of danger to innocent parties. Remember Litvinenko anybody? A trail of hazardous radiation half way across Europe.
    Totally agree that Putin doesn’t care and may even have used it to bolster his election chances. Which makes a change from murdering, jailing or using the state to see off potential rivals.

  5. I reckon that someone is sending a message. In the same way that polonium 210 is only available from a nuclear reactor. With it’s short half life it could only have ben removed ‘fresh’ as it were. Nerve agents, of the binary type, may be ‘safer’ and have a longer shelf life, but still are exceedingly hazardous to handle. Whether Putin ordered the hit is moot, but it would be odd if he doesn’t know and approve. After all, he needs to appear all knowing and all powerful,especially at home. I should think that there are many people who would love to see him dead, but will now think twice. Just in case they fail.

  6. It’s an exceedingly convenient occurrence for Mrs May, though.

    The MSM are full of “Iron Lady II stands up to the aggressive Russian bear” bollocks, whilst simultaneously she is proving spineless when dealing with the unholy triumvirate of Juncker, Merkel & Tusk.

    What a very helpful smokescreen/distraction so they can in the near future deny subservient capitulation by reporting again how “tough & fearless” she was in dealing with Vlad.