Brexit Carmaggedon

Another day, another Brexit scare. It seems that a ‘group of MPs’ – Remainers perhaps? – have produced a study that says hundreds of jobs will be lost in the UK car industry if we leave the single market and customs union.

Let’s examine the possible scenarios in depth, shall we?

(1) We leave with no deal and WTO tariffs come into effect. Because of the drop in the sterling exchange rate we’ve already seen, foreign imported cars are more expensive. Similarly, exported UK cars are cheaper to buy abroad. The tariffs apply equally in both directions.

(2) All car imports and exports stop happening altogether. Really? No, but let’s assume so. As a result UK buyers are stuck with UK produced cars.

In either of these scenarios, UK car production increases, so naturally there will be job losses in the UK motor industry won’t there? Well, obviously not…

Can anyone take this seriously? Is there anyone out there who seriously thinks that VW/Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Renault, Citroen, Dacia, Skoda and all the other Euro car manufacturers are going to tolerate the Brussels bureaucracy killing access to one of their biggest markets?

Of course not. It’s just another Brexit scare to frighten stupid people like you and me…


5 responses to “Brexit Carmaggedon

  1. Seeing the scared, gaunt, emaciated, balding has-been Bliar on our screens today gives me much hope that that’s the direction all “remainers” are going. As for Major promoting hope for the fact leave voters are likely to die soon. The idiot, dumb adulterer forgets his “dad’s” army of Clarkites, Heseltinies and Mandykiddyfiddlers are hardly immortal young whippersnappers. Nor is Major “can’t keep it in his pants” or the retired Sir Humphrey weirdos.
    Death will certainly become they more than most.

    • Death will certainly become they more than most.

      And might I add “The sooner, the better”?

  2. “It’s just another Brexit scare to frighten stupid people like you and me…”

    No it doesn’t scare me. Irritates… a little, but doesn’t scare.

    Another factor is the vast, overwhelming majority of status cars are not purchased outright, they’re financed or they’re company perks. So this sort of horse shit doesn’t even begin to register with the leasing companies, nor employers.

    Lesser individuals do give a darn about fuel consumption, retained value and a decent local dealer, so sub £18000 cars are for the majority of buyers, whether new or pre-owned. In my area of Edinburgh, I’d guess the average value of what I see on the street is well less than £8000, with most being kept until they become too costly to get through the MOT.

    Sure they’re the second largest financial investment most people will make, but with the average owner keeping theirs for about 5 to 6 years, it’s not a reason to consider a change of heart over leaving the EU.

    Oh and one of the most popular small cars in Britain is the Hyundai i10. That as well as the i20 and the Fiat Tipo are all manufactured in Turkey. The Suzuki Celerio is Thailand, Vauxhall Viva is Korean.

    And the Toyota Avensis as well as the Auris are made in Blighty. Hell’s Teeth, here’s a list of the whole shebang made in UK.

    So for many people their preferred buggy is likely to be cheaper!

    Car buff’s know this sort of thing. Now if you wish, I can get cracking on the most popular scooters. Oh… Ok then.

  3. “It’s just another Brexit scare to frighten stupid people like you and me…”

    Yes, it’s yet another pointless Project Fear.
    No, it doesn’t frighten or scare me, and, no, I’m not stupid, and neither are you Dioclese you auld twat 🙂

  4. Doxon of Dick Green

    You can look at the news every day to find a Brexit scare. Rarely any counter view, particularly on BBC.