Daily Brexit Scares

I’m indebted to my friends over at ISAC for running a series of daily Brexit scare stories to frighten all us ill informed people who are so thick we didn’t know what we were voting for and will believe any old bullshit that Project Fear II puts our way.

Here’s a summary of the last few days :

Ex-pat pensioners could return to the UK for free NHS treatment after Brexit and, according to a report by the Nuffield Trust, this could cost the NHS an extra £1billion per year. This figure does rather assume there isn’t a corresponding saving in no longer treating EU nationals in the UK for free and there is no mention of some of the report’s other conclusions, including that Brexit may make another £5billion per year available to the NHS, or the potential benefits in adopting more flexible working practices.

BBC devoted prime news time to the chaos that will ensue if we leave Europol. Now we were in Interpol for fucking years without being in the EU but now it is Europol and leaving the EU will expose us to terror and chaos.
Why the fuck this should be was not explained although I suspect layer upon layer of bureaucracy has taken over rather than coppers etc pooling info.
The remoaner interviewed was of course a Brit employed by Europol. He didn’t mention terrorists crossing borders with impunity but that was no surprise.
So, Brexit scare of the day – uncontrolled crime and terrorism.

We won’t be able to staff the NHS. So called BBC News at 6.
I wonder how non EU countries manage to attract and employ skilled workers? Could it be that they have a points system and priority occupations?
Of course this could never work for Remoaning Britain. Better to admit every fucker from the EU – and of course far beyond thanks to Frau Merkel – without control or checks.

First minister of some tin pot principality called Wales, Carwyn Jones, tells the BBC news website ‘Trade deals with the US etc cannot replace EU trade deals.’
No reason why they should. The deficit is in the EU’s favour so any tariffs will hit them harder than us. Trade will continue in both parties interests.
Fact 1. Wales voted Leave.
Fact 2. This gravy train riding cunt knows better that his constituents.
Fact 3. The Welsh assembly is the biggest collection of tossers and misfits outside of Brussels.

Yes, Project Fear has risen from the grave and boy, does it stink…


5 responses to “Daily Brexit Scares

  1. I suppose they feel that Project Fear1 worked so well at scaring the Scotch into shitting their kilts and voting to stay in the union…..
    Personally I find the Remainer myths as cringe worthy as the BrexSShiteur ones. The facts of BrexSShite are scary enough…or rather potentially scary enough, there is no need to make shit up. Especially idiotic shit like the above.
    I hope all those whinging Brit fisherfolk are delighted at the prospect of a free trade deal with China…. (desperation? ‘Lease lend’ much, Terry?). China is by far the global Fish exporter nummer one.

  2. Listening to the whole project fear, sneer and smear, which is of course still going full steam ahead, an old fart like me was reminded of the apocalypse that was awaiting if we didn’t join the Euro. Just in case you haven’t read it Diocles, you can get the pdf here: http://www.cps.org.uk/publications/guilty-men/

  3. Ahhhh The ERM. Does anyone remember, there was a clause in the treaty that said what should happen if one currency came under threat from speculators. The Deutschemark, and French Franc were the strongest currencies at the time, so should have come to our assistance. This would have defeated the speculators. Of course, they were of no help whatsoever. We will get nothing from Europe, except bills, so the sooner that we leave them to sink in their own mire the better. (You will not hear about this on the BBC, far to embarrassing.)