Brexit fantasies…


Much is said of the fantasies or the leavers, but what about the fantasies of the remainers?

May I remind them that Herr Schultz last year called for a United States of Europe by 2025 – the final realisation of Greater Germania that our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to prevent.

People who believe that the UK cannot prevail as an independent nation are deluded and have no understanding of this nation’s great history and place in the world. They should leave now and go live in the EU if this is what they believe…


4 responses to “Brexit fantasies…

  1. “that our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to prevent.”
    Whose sacrifice BrexSShiteurs betray daily.

  2. You might chose to live in the 4th Reich Jack, but I don’t, and more to the point nor do the other 17.4 million of us do either. You are always free to leave.

  3. My late dad did his bit in the navy on convoy escorts.

    As a “BrexSShiteur” (oh DO grow up!) I really am struggling to see how voting in a legally constituted and held referendum is betrayal of his service. And if you’d called him a “BrexSShiteur” (including the correct SS runes) he’d have shoved your teeth so far down your throat Indiana Jones would have had trouble finding them!

    Dioclese is absolutely correct. The end game of the EU is – and always has been – a united states of Europe (in which the constituent nations are nothing more than collections of regions with the current national parliaments at best no more than rate capped local councils). The choice is clear: accept this completely and become “European”, whatever that actually is intended to mean, or leave. I choose the latter.

  4. VOT is dis damn diss obedience de 4th reich vill not allow diss