What price honour…?

For some years the New Year Honours List has been tasking a lot of flack – and deservedly so – for some of the people that have had gongs handed out for the most bizarre reasons, so I suppose that it’s not much of a surprise that this year is no exception.

Nick Clegg is to get a knighthood. Bad enough when they knighted total non-entity Vince Cable who, as business secretary in the coalition – a position if you will recall that was held by Peter Mandelson under Blair, so hardly low profile – became known as ‘The Invisible Man’. But now we’re going the whole hog for the poor old rump of the Lib Dems by knighting Clegg.

You might recall that a short while back I suggested he should be tried for treason? after he traipsed off to Brussels to hold secret talks on how to overturn the wishes of the electorate and sell his own country down the river over Brexit.

This is a man who has written a book on how to overthrow Brexit – effectively this means how to overthrow the elected government of Britain.

This is a man who commanded such great respect as Deputy Prime Minister – the role he is now being knighted for – that he lost his own seat at the General Election. Even his own constituents don’t want him.

He is needless to say a remoaner, and as Nigel Farage pointed out this week every single one of them has received recognition, CBEs, knighthoods. Not poor old Nigel though because he won the referendum campaign for Leave. We don’t reward the deserving in this country any more.

At least they’re not suggesting that Clegg be knighted for his services to charity after stitching us up for pissing 0.7% of GDP up the wall on foreign aid, whether it was needed or not. That would have been the final insult.

Whatever happened to the good old days when people like this were thrown into the Tower? I seem to remember quite a few of them were Knights of the Realm, so maybe there’s hope yet…


6 responses to “What price honour…?

  1. So the man who is trying desperately to destroy the sovereignty of this country and make Britain a colony of the EU is quite willing to accept the trappings that said sovereignty bestows? The British honours system must surely now be in its final death throes, a meaningless farce played out for and on behalf of the establishment.

    • I wouldn’t take an “honour” from the British State if my life depended on it. To join traitorous scum like Blair, Heseltine, Campbell, 5 bellies Prescott and Mandlescum would be more than I could bear. I have my medals, decently acquired in the combat zone, I have served my beloved country for over 22 years, and I can hold my head high – which is more than these traitorous scumbags can do. Fuck them, We voted to leave, and the undemocratic bastards just can’t accept it. Hey, A’int democracy a bitch!

  2. As I have grown older I have tended towards greater and greater cynicism. I try to maintain a grain of optimism and look around for good things happening, and good things really do still happen, but this news has just moved my cynicism to a whole different level.

    • No need to be cynical the modern day purpose of the honours system has nothing to do with honour , politics or beliefs of the recipients.
      It is a celebrity driven ritual to please the public and give the media much headline space and debate. Many of these recipients were doing what they enjoyed and being well paid to do it , unlike millions of workers who have to earn a living doing what they don’t like.

  3. Says an awful lot about our leaders and their priorities. God help us all…


  4. Honour is ironically, the one thing mostly absent from our honours list.