Silly old sod!

So the pope reckons that the story of the nativity can be likened to that of the millions of economic migrants streaming out of Africa and the East looking to exploit the naive generosity of Europe, especially the UK.

Well it’s a shame the silly old bugger doesn’t know his own holy book. I seem to remember that far from fleeing their homes for a better life, Mary & Joseph were returning to their home for a census.

The pope also reckons that faith demands that we respect and welcome migrants. It’s a shame then that the migrants refuse to respect Christian faith and that in the shit holes than some of these people come from they crucify infidels, behead them and burn them alive. Mind you, some of us recall tales of Bloody Mary and the Spanish inquisition, so I don’t think the catholics have much to boast about on that score.

And let’s remember that the Vatican is one of the richest organisations on the planet so I’d like to ask popey how many of these poor migrants they’ve housed? How much money have you given to help them in their own countries? I think we know the answer…

So on this Christmas morning, here’s my message to the pope : “Sod off you silly old bugger!”


8 responses to “Silly old sod!

  1. I haven’t heard the Holy Father’s speech but perhaps he was referring to that bit of the Xmas story where the Holy Family flee to Egypt ? Then you are of course correct that the central theme of the xmas story is about a geriatric ,who believes he has a claim on the throne (we have a nice long Latin or Greek word for people who believe such things these days…and medication) dragging his 13 year child bride pregnant wife (claim to fame Joseph- cockholded by God personally! And we also have a nice long word for old men who fuck little girls) all across the countryside on a donkey so she might bare the bastard in a midden.

    • As I recall, the Egyptians weren’t too chuffed with this Tribe of Israel parking up without as much as a by your leave. Especially when one big wig gave grief to the Pharaoh in the form of a plague of locusts.

      So Big Cheese Pharaoh decided to go slaughter the lot of them, starting from the top.

      Tribe of Israel got wind of this and chose to do a runner on account they were outnumbered umpteen times to one.

      They managed to get to the Red Sea and we’re doing all the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and laying very heavy grief on the old fart who lead them there without any real preparation. Because them thar Egyptians with their fine chariots were bearing down on them with malevolent intent.

      That’s when the antique blew them away with a big stick and a chat with his big buddy way up there in heaven. Effing well parted the whole friggin Red Sea would you believe!

      So this ragged, stinking mass of humanity shuffles across, seemingly unaffected by the layers of mud and gunk and presumably a shed load of bewildered marine life.

      They get to the other side and see Pharaohs chaps have followed their example. Butt clench time folks!

      Again the old fart does his bit with his buddy and of course the big stick. Red Sea closes, stacks of dead Egyptians and horses plus zillions of man hours of labour that made the chariots and spears and stuff.

      So perhaps Pope might have a rethink about his Xmas homily.

    • “The member of the feminist group Femen”……………Sounds like something I would see in the personal hygiene aisle in Tesco.

  2. I don’t think he is a silly old sod. More of a cynical lying hippocrite.

  3. There was something about protecting children too. Not sure who from though. Priests perhaps?

  4. Just convinces me that the Pope is not a Christian. If he was, he would know the Bible a bit better…


  5. I’m an atheist and I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover. I’ve yet to meet a Christian who has read it, and most that I have met know next to nothing about what is in it, and that includes members of the clergy.