Justice is blind

The overwhelming principle of British justice is that it is blind, which is why this weeks report by Davis Lammy MP was guaranteed to boil my piss.

Lammy is concerned that two thirds of the scallies locked up in our prisons come from black and ethnic minorities whilst only one third of our judges are non whites. According to Lammy, we should therefore be recruiting more non white judges to redress the balance in the scales of justice.

This is, of course, patent nonsense. Its the same sort of statistical correlation that says over 90% of people involved in road accidents eat potatoes, therefore potatoes cause road accidents.

Lammy is not without form when it comes to playing the race card. He claims Trump is a Nazi and KKK sympathiser, says the judge running the Grenfell enquiry is racist and the universities operate ‘social apartheid’. In fact when it comes to self publicity he’s a master of it.

Lammy dishes it out but as his Twitter melt down proves, when people react to his blatent anti-white views, he throws his toys out of the pram because, of course, it’s his detractors that are the racists. Lammy is the perfect example that proves that racism is strictly one sided.

The reason that there are more non whites in prison is that they are criminals, just like the white prisoners. None of them would be there if they didn’t break the law. It’s nothing to do with the colour of their skin or the colour of the judge’s skin.

And suggesting we should lock up more white people to address the inequality is about as racist as you can get – and stupid to boot…


3 responses to “Justice is blind

  1. Stupid to boot? Someone should boot him. He is, after all, a deluded Labour MP.

  2. …and wasn’t there a black judge who’d been allowed to preside over immigration cases for years before he was judged to be incompetent because his knowledge of the law was so poor? Positive discrimination in action.

  3. Well, I think it’s patently obvious that we don’t pay our MPs to be intelligent. Not sure what we do pay them for though…