Pudsey time…

knitted rudolp

knitted chugger cunt

Yes it’s time to welcome the Prince of Chuggers, the legalised Robin Hood of BBC TV, the cunt of cunts – Pudsey the fucking bear!

Every year the Beeb roll out their pre-Christmas ‘charitee’ bash to raise millions from gormless pricks who donate money to watch the mind bogglingly tedious load of absolute shite that is Children in Need.

When my wife was deserted by her ex and left with a 18 month old child they were definitely in need. Nobody gave them fuck all for nothing and she had to work her arse off in some totally shitty jobs to put food on the table. That’s life. If you can’t support your kids, you shouldn’t be a parent – but then why bother when cunts like Pudsey give you money for fuck all – after deducting expenses of course.

I was once stopped going into work by a bloke with a bucket who said I couldn’t go in until I give Pudsey some of my hard earned. He needed to borrow that fucking eye bandage shortly afterwards…

Fuck Pudsey. Fuck Children in Need. Fuck the BBC. Put some decent programmes on, you lazy parasitic cunts!

Thankfully this year I small reclining on a sun lounger somewhere nice and warn so I shall miss the entire vomit inducing shitfest but I do wish that something would drop on Pudsey from a great height and rid us of the little turd!


6 responses to “Pudsey time…

  1. I suspect you speak for millions of licence fee payers, but since when did “shall be” morph into “small”? It’s a struggle to keep up with the English language these days.

  2. Yea, indeed. A man who can not support his family is not a man.

  3. I think it’s up the pub for me tonight!

  4. On the cards;
    Carry out dinner, bottle of good wine, some excellent music, snuggled up on the settee with my wife, adult conversation.

    Not on the cards under any circumstance;
    Children in need

  5. I never tune in, never have. Just makes me feel so angry that the Beeb pays them such big wages out of our money, then they feel so guilty about earning so much, that they have to put on a song and dance act, just to get us to dig deep into our own pockets and give them yet more of our own money. Don’t you just love it when they do that…