Definition of ‘High Treason’ : “The crime of betraying one’s country”

A few days ago, former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, Tory ex-chancellor Ken Clarke and Labour’s Lord Adonis arrived in Brussels, and publicly declared themselves “the rebels” before holding talks with the European Commission’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Asked if he was there to stop Brexit, Mr Clegg said: “If only it were that easy.” An evasive answer to say the least coming from someone who has just published a book entitled “How to Stop Brexit”. Given the gang of three witches’ well know opposition to the the freely expressed will of the British electorate and official Government policy it’s not hard to guess how their discussions went. It’s also interesting to note that no record has been kept of the conversation.

So were their discussions tantamount to selling this country down the river to a foreign power?

Downing Street were muted in their response, saying only that the discussion “undermined the Government’s negotiating position on Brexit“. I’ll go further and say that if the gang of three were indeed advising Mr Barnier on how to stop Brexit, then it does amount to betraying your country, trying to bring down the elected government and defying the will of the people as expressed in a democratically conducted referendum.

As such they should be indicted, tried and face the consequences for what could clearly be construed as an act of high treason…


7 responses to “Treason?!

  1. I fucking hate this cunt with every fibre of my being

  2. Clegg that is

  3. “So were their discussions tantamount to selling this country down the river to a foreign power?”


  4. Quite agree. Bear in mind that not only are they defying the democratic will of the people which is bad enough, they then compound their treason by their action against the State. The Head of State being the Queen – and that my friends constitutes High Treason.

    Personally I’d publicly Hang, draw and quarter them – the traditional punishment for High Treason.

    Steve – I know exactly how you feel. It’s all I can do not to punch to monitor that has Clegg’s treasonous fizzog gawping at me.

  5. Of course we all know B,liar repealed hanging for treason in 1994 no doubt having forseen the above being called for when he and co-horts were through.