So they died in vain then…

Just once in a while I am appalled by the state of the nation – especially in regards to the ignorance and general stupidity of the average Brit. Such an occasion was earlier today when the results of a survey into World War II were published.

The study of 2,000 adults commissioned by TV’s History Channel found that despite 53 per cent claiming to be ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ knowledgeable about the second world war, 36 per cent are unaware Britain’s allies included France and the US.

One in twenty even believe we were on the same side as Germany, Italy and Japan.

More than a third have no idea that the Battle of Britain took place during World War Two, and despite its name, 43 per cent didn’t know it happened in British airspace.

Thirty-two per cent were also unaware Pearl Harbor took place in Hawaii, with one in fifty believing it happened in Britain.

Three in ten had no idea the Blitz was a World War Two event, while 32 per cent didn’t know VE Day marks ‘Victory in Europe’ at the end of war.

But despite being widely recognised as the battle that ended the second world war, more than six in ten couldn’t name 1944 as the year D-Day took place.

Others believe the Battle of the Somme, the Treaty of Versailles and even the sinking of the Titanic were events which took place during the second world war.

Around one in six were also left stumped by the dates of the second world war, which started in 1939 and ended in 1945.

In order to understand the present it is essential to understand the past. I despair at what is being taught to our children these days if they have no knowledge of the events of the 20th century. To suggest that Germany and Britain were on the same side is an act of such appalling ignorance as to beggar belief and to nullify the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of our forefathers who fought to keep this country free of the tyranny of Nazi Germany and the ruthless dictatorship of Japan.

Of course the cynical amongst us might wonder whether such a propaganda victory and dumbing down of history could in any way be attributed to the political correctness that dictates we must not offend our friends in the EU – those same friends in Berlin that want to screw us for having the audacity to leave their sphere of influence; the Fourth Reich in all but name.

If a deep rumbling is heard across the country tonight, it will be thousands of betrayed soldiers, sailors and airmen turning in their graves.

We should be deeply ashamed…


9 responses to “So they died in vain then…

  1. It all fits in with the agenda of the liberal/left who have insidiously yet systematically taken over our educational establishments over the last 40 or 50 years. Young people know nowt because they’re taught nowt: they’re not totally thick, just woefully uneducated. All wonderfully suiting the agenda of the Leftie/Common Purpose would-be overlords.

  2. I wonder if they view those headstones as the resting place of real people who had real lives and families with ambitions and dreams.
    Not long ago on a beautiful summer day I was walking through a lovely village in rural Sussex which probably hadn’t changed much in a couple of hundred years. A picturesque scene of flint thatched cottages where the only sound was the birdsong and the occasional horse snorting in the nearby fields.
    I came across the well kept war memorial with the list of names of men who left but never returned to that tranquil place. As I looked down the road and imagined those brave young men leaving their loved ones behind to face the unknown I must admit a tear rolled down the gnarled cheek of this old cynic. A view of their village for which I was so grateful but they were denied to ever see again.

    • Nice to see it was well kept. These days soe of them are just left to decay as the relatives of those names die out or leave the area. Sad…

  3. They know nothing about WWII but will fling the term “Nazi” around.

  4. It seems my comment was eaten by the Ricky Filter?

  5. Tis shocking that the young are ignorant concerning recent and important historical events. If they are not well versed with the Second Conflict,, they’ll know bugger all about the ‘Great War’. In fact, it has inspired a post. But, of course, the young never read my mixture; just crusty old ‘Boomers’ who know this stuff anyway.

  6. Richard Branson was the other day claiming that those who voted for Brexit are traitors for not being patriotic and believing in Great Britain ?????????????