The ‘C’ word…

I hate to have to mention it – especially as we have yet to even get as far as Halloween – but the dreaded Christmas is approaching.

The other day I was walking home from the theatre past one of our local hostelries that had a big sign outside saying “It’s never too early! Book your Christmas party now!” Then the local chip wrappings were pushed through the door containing several Christmas catalog inserts that went straight into the bin.

And to add insult to injury, I’m getting emails from grocery stores on a daily basis urging me to book my slot now for Christmas grocery deliveries.

October is, of course, the time of year when the books, DVDs and CDs all come out. You know, those compilation albums of artists like Elvis Presley put together to milk the back catalog for every penny it’s worth. And the endless stream of celeb autobiographies written by people about whom, frankly, you either couldn’t give a fuck or of whom you’ve never heard. And all because they’re the perfect gift for your ageing Mum and Dad – who hate them and sell them on eBay in January…

Anyhow, this year my mate Chas and I couldn’t see any reason not to jump on the bandwagon. For several years now we’ve been collaborating on the Dioclese Christmas Song and – guess what? – there’s enough for an alternative Christmas album just for people who fucking hate the festive season.

It’s guaranteed to offend absolutely everybody who loves Christmas music. Should sell like hot cakes. We uploaded it this morning so watch out for it on Amazon and iTunes etc or stream it on Spotify. Should appear during the coming week with any luck.

After all, everyone else cashes in, so why shouldn’t we?..


5 responses to “The ‘C’ word…

  1. Dead right Dioclese – ‘effin’ Crimbo – pain in the arse. Still not wanting to dampen the Christmas spirit so to speak – I thought I’d share with you all my favourite Christmas song –

    ‘ave a nice y’all !

  2. I fucking hate Christmas, especially if it starts in October. Makes me want to burn stuff (and people). Anyway, do I get a free copy?

    • Sign up for Spotify. You can get a free account – only costs if you subscribe which means you don’t get adverts – and you’ll find it on there in the next few days.

  3. I love Christmas — always have — always will, but I remember with a lot of fondness when it used to start a couple of days before Christmas Eve. We go out of our way to ignore as many of the ‘green Christmas ‘ trappings as we can, but that gets more difficult with every year that passes.

    Still, I shan’t be around for many more, and I can’t say I’m too upset about that.