An occasional series highlighting people talking bollocks about Brexit.

Guy Verhofstadt
”Brexit is a dictatorship of the majority” – look up the definition of democracy ‘Mr President’

Emmanuael Macron
“After they have implemented my reforms, the UK will want to stay in the EU” – Call me Dave…

Donald Tusk
“The British accept that cake and eat it is no longer an option” – Now we just need the EU to do the same?

Jean Claude Juncker
“Miracles are need to make progress on Brexit” – Especially on the EU side

EU ‘sources’
“Northern Ireland can stay in the single market and customs union even if the rest of the UK leaves”

Michael Heseltine
“Even if the UK did cut ties with the EU in two years time, it would rejoin again in the future”
“The UK will adopt the Euro when the circumstances are right”

Nick Clegg
“I’m just saying look at the demography. The oldest voters voted for Brexit in the largest numbers, the younger voters did the opposite” – so we just wait for the Leavers to die off.

Nick Clegg
“You cannot end austerity if you don’t end Brexit” – Well you certainly can’t end it without Brexit


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  1. Nick Glegg “My pension. My lovely EU pension”