Sold down the river

Well, what a speech that was, wasn’t it? Only an accomplished liar politician could delivery a crock of shit dressed up as a bouquet of roses and get away with it. What an achievement.

So to be certain I understand it all clearly, we’re now leaving the EU in 2019 but not until 2021 or possibly later. During this time we continue to pay billions into a budget we will have no say over, accept free movement despite not being part of the EU, have access to a single market that we would have had access to anyway under WTO rules which would have added billions to our treasury, and will implement any new laws that we have no say in whatsoever. Apparently, this is defined as ‘delivering the will of the people’?

So what happened to ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’? What happened to ‘go whistle’? What happened to the ‘bloody difficult woman’?

The EU has not budged one single inch in the course of these farcical negotiations, so what do we do? Well, seeing who blinks first would have been my way of doing things, but not our Treesa. Oh no, she goes for the full eyelash fluttering capitulation never mind blinking first!

A little while back we had a general election. One of the justifications for this was so that we didn’t have an election in 2018 when Brexit was looming large. So now we offer to delay things for two years so that we have a general election in 2020 just before Brexit in 2021. Maybe there’s some logic in there somewhere, but I can’t see exactly where it might be.

This speech was a backslide of monumental proportions from a Prime Minister with no backbone clearly out to defy the referendum result and keep us in the Fourth Reich at any cost. Fuck knows what she threatened Boris and Gove with in order to get them to support this, but it must have been pretty damning for them to not only to let her get away with it, but to say it was a great speech and openly support it.

There are no negotiations in reality. Barnier and his gang aren’t interested in a deal. They want to punish us and rob us blind. And thanks to Treesa, we really are being sold down the river and flogging a dead horse…


6 responses to “Sold down the river

  1. If you’d caught Juncker riffing on Heine at PMT.May’s behest (Whinging? pleading?) recently , you’d have known what was going to come out of PMT.May’s mouth. At least it is now clear whose dainty foot is in the jackboot crushing wheat stems. PMT.May -putting the sig runes in Brexϟϟhite.
    Today Raptored Xians, tomorrow the German General Elections.

  2. I think politically she has signed her own death warrant. Brexiteer tories won’t put up with this ϟhite.

  3. It’s difficult to see how she is going to survive the party conference let alone make it to Christmas as Farage I believe recently said. Perhaps Boris backed her knowing the speech would finish her off.

  4. A terrible, devious and dreadful capitulation. All cloaked in an election result planned and executed to screw Brexit. Time she felt the backlash due.

  5. Miss Karen Todd

    So much for the will of the people of those of us whom could be bothered to vote the majority voted leave not go play tiddlywinks, and see what happens. We want out sooner rather than later. This is a farce and making a mockery of our democracy and the fact that government is supposed to represent the will of the people.

  6. Politicians have always had to rely on being able to hide their true colours from the voters to get by. The Brexit vote has enabled the voters to shine a very bright light on those colours, their utter vileness has now been exposed. This might have been a cause for optimism had it not been for the expenses scandal. The vileness of the politicians was exposed back then and the sheep still voted the buggers back in.