Pointless technology

Every so often, some tech company comes up with something which is best described ‘we did it because we could even though there was no point!’ and last weeks announcement by Apple was no exception.

Wireless charging for your phone is not new. The picture above shows a cheapo Belkin charging pad that been around for a while. It’s actually not a ridiculous idea in itself, but it’s the ‘wireless’ bit that gets me. What’s that thing sticking out the back of the charging pad? Oh, let me think… Looks like a mains lead to me.

So, before the wireless charger came along we plugged one end of our lead into the phone and the other into a USB socket/charger in the wall socket. Now we plug the charging pad into the wall socket and have a charging pad on the table top to rest our phone on to charge.

Excuse me if I missed something, but instead of having a dangling lead to plug the phone into we now have a bloody great lump of hardware taking up usable space instead. This is, according to Apple, a giant leap forward.

Well, no actually. It isn’t. It’s just a pointless gimmick to persuade idiots to spend over £1,000 on a phone which, in my book, makes the idiots just a pointless.

“A fool and his money are soon parted”


5 responses to “Pointless technology

  1. Which is why I never have, and never will buy anything Apple. Slick marketing skills enable them to sell overpriced tat to the sheeple. Convincing said sheeple to purchase a new phone every year, when it is in no way different or better to the one they have, is actually quite impressive.
    As you said, “A fool and his money….”

    • There’s a lot of truth in that, but then I do own MacBook. Went into John Lewis to buy a top of the range Toshiba for about £700 and came out with an £1100 Mac. Never regretted the decision. Built quality is far better and I’m guessing I’d be looking for new one about now whereas the Mac will go for years yet! Pricey yes, but got what I paid for IMHO.

      I’m not one for upgrading if I can get last years model cheap then I will. In also have an iPod classic that cost me nothing. My son upgraded and the old one needed a new screen. Replaced in with one of eBay and put a new battery in it at the same time for around a tenner. I love the design on the iPod wheel and not sure why they changed it?

      Phones? Well I’ve got a ten quid Tesco PAYG Nokia. Frankly, I hardly ever use it.

      P.S. sorry your comment got stuck in moderation but I was out of communication yesterday on the way home from Greece. My phone doesn’t do Internet 😁

      • I’m sure Apple products are very good. They’d never sell that many without the things doing what it says on the tin. Its more the relentless promotion of their wares that gets under my skin. Every film/TV program has copious references and placement of Apple something or other. Attempting to brainwash the masses into believing your technology is the ONLY choice is both arrogant and insidious. I stand defiant with my steam powered Nokia!
        Sorry, wandered off on a bit of a tangent to your original post ☺

      • I think perhaps good, pricey and overhyped sums them up nicely?

  2. And an interesting question from a friend of mine yesterday :
    ‘So how do you charge your phone when you’re in the car then?’