Greece is still nice, so fuck it!

I’m currently reposing in the village of Kardamyli in the Mani peninsula of mainland Greece. It’s a place I’m very fond of and that I’ve been to a couple of times before.

The last time I was here was around five years back and I’ve noticed a few changes but I’m pleased to say not too many. There’s a new supermarket – where I’m pleased to say the Ouzo is cheaper – a new restaurant which we’re going to try out tonight, and one we used to frequent which has changed hands. Overall though it’s still the same old place we love.

I do however notice a creeping gentrification in that some of the bars and restaurants are moving away from the traditional Greece we love and trying to go a bit upmarket. Let’s hope it doesn’t get out of hand.

The Greeks are still talking to us despite Brexit. In fact one local businessman said “I wish Greece had the balls to do it!” So I guess we’re still welcome?

Local ATMs are taking the piss at €0.96 = £1 but that’s banks for you. However you can still get a meal for two with wine for €25 so even at parity who gives a fuck? And a bottle of Ouzo for €9.50 and five litres of half decent red wine for around €12! Well, fuck it! I’m happy.

Frankly, if it wasn’t part of the Fourth Reich, I’d happily live here. Mind you, it’s 93 today and that’s a tad warm! Time to retreat indoors and crank up the AirCon…


8 responses to “Greece is still nice, so fuck it!

  1. F*ck me, what a hard life you have to live. Some of us poor bastards have to work every sodding day.

  2. I’ve been talking a lot lately about moving to Greece. It’s a lovely country. Even with the EU. Far better than the UK anyway. It’s been pissing it down all week here. Get’s right on my nerves

    • Hey Bucko where you been? Seemed ages since you appeared last!

      I could live here – until the trials of life cut in. The practicalities of health care for example. Talk to Flaxen. He’s imminently retiring and hankers from the rural idylls of Nuzzieland but if you need facilities then its a bit difficult if they’re a three hour drove away.

      Let’s face it, we ain’t getting any younger. Mrs D has a foot problem that requires a steroid injection under ultrasound every nine months or so. Next one is Tuesday and the hospital is a five minute drive away. Be a bit of a bugger if it was six hour round trip…

      Currently we have a dentist and a doctor literally 100 yards from the house can easily walk to Tesco in five minutes and Waitrose in the town centre in less than 15. Plus they deliver.

      Of course, wine is a lot more expensive, but I buy that in bulk…!

      • Hey. Yes I have been away for quite a while, but life isn’t so hectic at the moment, so I back in the game for now
        We’re a few years away from buggering off yet and the list of things to do / prepare, gets longer every time I look it it. Done correctly though, the sacrifice of the odd convenience should be well worth it. If not, cheap wine should make it all worthwile 🙂
        At home in this weather, I’m just rusting

  3. And I was going to suggest a skype this Saturday but looks like you will be catching up on your tan. Let me know when you return as I have much to relate….

  4. Kardamyli?

    Isn’t that where Paddy used to live?