Barmy Barnier

Andrew Pierce summed him up beautifully in the Daily Mail : “A Britain-hating Gallic popinjay with an ego the size of an EU butter mountain”. The man is an arsehole of the highest magnitude…

When you go to a restaurant, it is normal to be offered a menu with prices on it, not be told you have to pay £250 a head before you know what you’re paying for. This simple principle seems to be completely lost on EU Brexit ‘negotiator’ Michel Barnier. Note I say ‘negotiator’ in inverted commas – because he’s not really there to negotiate. He’s there’s to beat us into submission and punish us for leaving the Fourth Reich as an example to any other nation with the balls to say no to this unelected junta.

Arrogantly announcing that he won’t even discuss a trade deal until the UK agrees to cough up huge amounts of money without even knowing what it’s for, he said that the UK needs to get serious – advise that he’d be well advised to take himself.

Barnier hates the British with a passion, just like Jean Claude Drunker who has never forgiven Cameron for trying to block his appointment as one of the five unelected EU ‘presidents’. As EU Financial Services Commissioner, Barnier promised in 2011 to rein in the ‘freewheeling Anglo-Saxon model of banking’ or in other words to screw the City and shift it all to Paris. Mervyn King was unimpressed to say the least. His grudge seems to go back to 2005 when the EU tried to bring in a constitution and Blair threatened a referendum. Barnier was forced to resign over the issue.

No surprise then that Barnier was knocking on Druncker’s door within 24 hours of Brexit begging for another opportunity to screw us into the dirt.

If the EU want us to ‘get serious’ then I seriously suggest that they do the same. Give us an itemised account of what they want, why they want it, how much they think it’s worth and the legal justification for it. Stop talking about a ‘divorce bill’ because this isn’t a divorce. We’re leaving a club, plain and simple. There isn’t a leaving penalty.

Personally. I admire the incredible patience of David Davies dealing with this man because if it were me, I’d be fighting back the urge to punch him on the nose and tell him to fuck right off. However, at the end of the day, I suspect that German and French industrialists will be the ones leaning on Barnier as they see their lucrative UK market vanishing over the horizon.

In the meantime, we just have to keep our powder dry, keep our tempers in check and hold a steady course because, let’s face it, there was never going to be a deal or even a serious negotiation with these people.

And that’s why we voted to leave…


6 responses to “Barmy Barnier

  1. ” let’s face it, there was never going to be a deal or even a serious negotiation with these people.”

    Correct, for the reason that as Druncker said “Brexit cannot be a success”
    The EU have only themselves to blame here. Had they been less intransigent back in early 2016 when “Call me Dave” tried his infamous “renegotiation” they wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.

    So having given “Call me Dave” the brush off and f*ck off, they ended up with a British electorate who basically did what the archers at Agincourt did – stuck two fingers up at them – and damn right too.

    The problem now is fourfold. Firstly they are going to lose an awful lot of money, coz we ain’t paying after March 2019. Which means those states that were beneficiaries will have to stump up some cash. Either that or they scale back, and I don’t see that happening. Secondly, they are losing the worlds 5th largest economy, with all that entails. Thirdly, the are now diminished in the eyes of the world, their 3rd biggest member, and 2nd largest contributor is getting the f*ck outta there. Lastly, they cannot give us a good deal, as others will want the same, and if that happens its all over. If they give us a bad deal or no deal, they will look like the sore losers they really are, but it serves notice to the other 27 poor sods that if they step out of line, there’ll be trouble. Can’t see the eastern countries standing for that sh1t for too long – not after 4 decades of Soviet control.

    I am reminded of the saying that “those who make peaceful reform impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”

    Actually, I wouldn’t be fighting back the urge to punch the haughty french twat. I’d just sit there with a big sh1t eating grin all over my face


  2. What pisses me off is the number of individuals and news outlets in the UK that are rubbishing Davis. He is playing a blinder and hopefully not taking any notice of the Guardian and its like.
    The EU is living on borrowed time. Eventually an Italian bank or two, or Deutsche Bank, will fall over and be too big to save. These buggers know they are going to struggle without the Uk’s contribution, hence the belligerence.

  3. David, apart from Corbyn’s mob and a few SJW undergrads/BBC YTS, does anyone take any serious notice of The Guardian?

  4. Love your article here and totally agree with it. It is blindingly obvious you cannot just think of a huge number, double it for a laugh, and expect a cheque. These bastards are too fond of getting their own way and cannot understand it when some previously subservient country grows a spine and twinset and tells them “NO!”. They aren’t used to it. This is the moment we should just walk away and say talk about a trade deal or we become Singapore on sea and we can talk later after we fall back on WTO rules.