So the debacle of Brexit rises to even greater heights as Labour decide that the will of people counts for nothing in their vision of a Marxist driven, dictator appeasing, totalitarian Utopia…

Keir Starmer has announced that under a Labour government, the UK would continue to abide by the EU’s free movement rules, accept the jurisdiction of the European court of justice on trade and economic issues, and pay into the EU budget, under the pretense of lessening the shock of leaving to the UK economy. That’s the UK economy that would be destroyed by McDonut anyway if Labour ever got into power.

Labour will also leave open the option of the UK remaining a member of the customs union and single market for good, beyond the end of any transitional period.

In other words we pretend to leave but actually nothing changes and we don’t actually leave at all.

Is treason too strong a word to use for this?

I don’t think so…


6 responses to “Treason!

  1. Labour have no principles, they have campaigned for in / out referendums, when it suits, they campaigned for leaving (Blair) when it suits, they campaigned for in when it suits. This appears to be nothing but a cynical attempt to appease the students they shafted and add lib dem and Tory remainers to their next election campaign. It all adds up to less than nothing unless May calls another snap election as we will be out before Labour can do anything. If she does call another election then it will be clear that the Political parties are working in tandem to thwart the will of the people.

  2. I always wondered why Blair dismantled the treason laws. Seemed very odd at the time. Now we know different…


    • Whereas I knew precisely why Bliar repealed the treason laws – because he was about to commit treason.

      No, Dioclese, treason is not too strong a word for this, because that is precisely what it is. Treason is bad enough, but it’s the fucking effrontery of the lickspittle scumbags not only to utterly ignore the democratic will of the People, but to subvert it as well.

  3. ” decide that the will of people counts for nothing in their vision of a Marxist driven, dictator appeasing, totalitarian Utopia…”

    Yes, much like NHS in the case of Charlie Gard not allowing the will of the parents count for anything while they wasted time to where the experimental cure the parents decided they wanted to do at their own expense but were held captive as if prisoners in a dictatorship resulted in the baby being basically murdered by the NHS, or government.

    Like that, huh.


    • Just to prove that I don’t censor differing opinions I approved this first time comment of yours.

      I don’t agree with you. The Gard case was nothing like this at all. Did you read what I wrote on 25th July? The experimental cure was as I understand it discounted even by the man that proposed it after he eventually came to GOSH. It’s doubtful the child would have survived the trip to the USA. GOSH always put the interests of the patient first, then the parents. At the end of the day, the courts make the final decision.

      So, no, nothing “like that huh”? Neither you nor I are in full possession of the facts of the case, only what’s been hyped up by the media. To accuse the NHS of murder from a position of ignorance of the facts is over the top – rather like the abuse and death threats the hospital staff were subjected to. Surely you don’t condone that, do you?

      And it’s not necessary to call me a hypocrite. That’s not constructive comment or argument. Disagreement and argument are fine. Insults are not…

      Incidentally, I tend to take people who use fake email addresses and proxies in California less seriously than people who don’t.

  4. Charlie Gard had mitochondrial disease. each and every mitochondrion was not functioning properly. Basically the biochemical energetics of every cell in his body was compromised. Without drugs and intervention re breathing, he would have died a lot younger. It is always a shame when babies die. But he was terribly ill.