Destroying our heritage

Frankly, I was a pissed off when a rather stupid Rhodes scholar wanted to tear down a statue of Cecil Rhodes – the man who’d just funded his university education – because he was a racist. For an intelligent ( sorry, well educated not intelligent ) Oxbridge student to come out with such rampant bollocks left me speechless. Speechless is not an easy thing to achieve in my case!

And after the bullshit in the States where the non-whites want to tear down statues of confederate war heroes, we’ve now got the same bollocks over in this country. It’s been suggested that Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson was a white supremacist and therefore Nelson’s Column – a landmark of the Capital city and massive tourist attraction – should be torn down.

So what idiot is proposing this nonsense? Afua Hirsch is a 36-year-old half-British, half- Ghanaian journalist brought up in London who, until this week, scarcely anybody had heard of. Her attention focuses on Nelson’s friendships with West Indian slave traders, and his description of the ideals of abolitionist William Wilberforce as ‘a damnable and cruel doctrine’.

Notably, Nelson treated all his sailors equally – black and white – chastising those who screwed up and commending those who performed their duties well. He was a man of his time. He would undoubtedly have opposed women getting the vote, but this would not make him a misogynist. He hated the French because we were at war with Napoleon not because he was a xenophobe.

Cecil Rhodes was by all accounts an unpleasant man, but he served his country diligently and did his bit for the empire. And let’s not conveniently forget that Britain was the first country to abolish slavery.

These men and their attitudes were of their time. We don’t expect the Japanese or Germans to apologise for their actions in WWII despicable as many of them were. The modern generation were not the ones responsible, and yet idiots like Hirsch think we should be atoning and apologising for the actions of our ancestors.

These people are the real racists. And let’s not forget that racism is only white on black and never the other way around. Personally, I’m proud to be English and refuse to apologise to anyone for what my grandparents did. I object strongly to calls for Rhodes statue to be torn down, Nelson’s column to be demolished and – let’s not forget this one – Waterloo Station to be renamed because it’s offensive to the French.

These things are part of our heritage and are what make Britain British. In New Zealand there are calls for the statue of Captain Cook to be torn down because it offends the indigenous people of that country. And yet in the UK it’s open season on the indigenous peoples whose culture is being eroded on a daily basis.

To those people who espouse such things, I have a simple message : Fuck off and live somewhere else..!


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  1. “Waterloo Station to be renamed because it’s offensive to the French.”
    *wonders how many Italian tourists are offended each year by the statue to Boadicea, it must be thousands*

  2. Has the term ‘white supremacist’ become the new go to insult for these people since the overuse of the word ‘racist’ to try and shut down any discussion has virtually been rendered ineffective and often met with a resigned sigh?

  3. Stupid bitch! Nelson is and will always be my personal hero (yeah, OK, with me having been in the RN might have had something to do with it), but the man was a colossus. He introduced the “Divisional System” in the RN whereby men were organised into “Divisions” and looked after by a Senior Rating and an Officer who would look after their welfare and permit redress where necessary. It is still in use to this day – over 200 years after he introduced it.
    After one battle he insisted on a junior seaman being treated before him as the seaman’s wounds were more serious – a revolutionary act in a time when the lower deck was regarded as fodder, and Officers were treated first. That story went round the fleet in record time. It earned him huge respect, and rightly so. He was a fair but firm Captain who hated the lash, and made sure his men were looked after – ensuring they had over 5,000 calories a day. He led by example, something today “leaders” could learn from. Personally brave and tactically an outright genius his men would have, and did follow him to the ends of the earth. Not content with that he captured more prizes than the rest of the Navy put together (and with all that prize money, no wonder his crews loved him) Not to be outdone he achieved a dazzling victory against a larger fleet at Trafalgar, giving the Frogs and the Spaniards a right good kicking, suffering few losses in men and ships. As if that wasn’t enough, his actions that day ensured British supremacy at sea for the next 110 years. I have a large framed print of him at home (the one you’ve shown), I salute it every time I pass it. The man is a bloody HERO!

    To say I’m fucking incensed by that stupid bitch is putting it mildly. I’m practically bouncing off the bulkheads with fury. What she needs is a fucking good keel-hauling. She might learn some respect then.

    • What’s wrong with being the best? Why should we apologise for it?
      If we hadn’t spread democracy and free speech around the world at least we wouldn’t have to listen to claptrap like this and she’d be in Ghana. Some people are just plain ignorant and ungrateful…

      • Nothing wrong with being the best Dioclese, and I certainly won’t apologise for us being the best. She’s not ignorant, she knows precisely what she is doing. I’m a libertarian by nature, but when it comes to national monuments like this then scumbag scrotes like here should be exiled forthwith.

  4. There was and is, no need to apologise for the Empire ,bloody good thing it was too, look how much worse off a lot of these places are post empire.

    • You only have to look at the shitholes most of these countries have turned into since the Brits left…

      • My gripe is when their inhabitants come here some of them seem to want to turn my country into the shit holes they’ve just left behind………and get paid for doing so by the welfare system.

      • My further gripe is that we ship them in and pay them to do so. Thanks a bundle, Tony Blair.

        And while we’re at it, can the Americans please take their air bases and fuck off home?

    • Quite right. I’m not ashamed of what was our Empire at all. When I consider what we gave the world (and it has been an awful lot) we have a great deal to be proud of. This world would be a much nastier place than it is already without Great Britain. The Royal Navy was a microcosm of Empire, it’s awesome power in physical form. And who made the Navy so omniscient? Yep, Vice Admiral Lord Nelson.

  5. And news this morning that New Yoikers want a 200 year old statue of Columbus torn down because they say he didn’t discover America, he invaded it. Cunts!

    Mind you the world might be a better place if it was never discovered in the first place…