Trolls and glove puppets

Those of you who read my ramblings with any regularity will know that I have attracted the attentions of my very own internet troll called Rickie aka Dickie Doubleday aka many other names – including mine!

I’ve been ignoring the little shit for some time. He will tell you that’s because he’s warned me that there will be ‘consequences’ if I ever mention him online anywhere and that this will lead the the impending doom that is ‘the finale’ something which I fear as much as Cardinal Fang fetching the comfy chair.

Anyhow, I ignore him not because I’m intimidated by him but because it seems to drive him nuts that I ignore him! So why am I writing this now?

The answer is that dear Rickie likes to talk to himself when nobody else will talk to him, so he pretends to be me so we can have imaginary confrontations. He’s hijacked a blog that’s been dormant since 2012 that belongs to a blogger I used to read called The Ranting Penguin. Under the top post, he’s posted a couple of thousand comments and directed people to read ‘his blog’ all over the internet.

The comments mainly complain about a blog called ISAC where I was an editor until the end of last year. There’s an article on there with the background. He became such a nuisance that he was blocked and his address – given to me by a group of several bloggers he’d harassed over the years – was published.

To cut a long story short, Rickie has posted on there continually attacking me and threatening me. He’s posted lies, filth and general abuse on there using my name. Over the last few days he’s also been on a forum called ‘Cunts Corner’ as Upton Man and as me. It’s been confirmed that these two have the same ip address so it just has to be him.

For the record, I am not Upton Man and I have never posted anything on the Corner. Apart from when I confirm my post by cross posting it elsewhere, I have not contributed to the crap on The Penguin. To emphasise the point my publically known gmail address was used. I never post comments under that address and I changed the gravatar associated with it to a red box with FAKE written in it which, to anyone but a half wit like Rickie, would give people a bit of a clue as to the validity of what was being posted.

I ignore Rickie which, unfortunately, just makes him madder. I’m writing this so that people whose blogs he’s contaminated using my name know it isn’t me.

I’m also trying to make bloggers aware that if you’re not going to use your blog any more, it would be a good idea to shut it down or at least time limit your comments otherwise twats like Rickie can openly abuse it.

As Rickie says, nothing on The Penguin can be removed except by the owner. Unfortunately for him, he seems to have forgotten that this cuts both ways.

So there. I’ve ignored your threat and mentioned you again. Now go screw yourself Rickie there’s a good boy…


23 responses to “Trolls and glove puppets

  1. Years ago my German bank sent me a card to use the ATM with. A few days later they sent me out the PIN code “1234” . Back then you could only request a new PIN code at the counter so I did. The ‘advisor’ pointed out that “1234” might be the most secure of PINs because nobody would ever think of something that simple. I pointed out that that might be true of ‘overthinking’ adults but my criminal juvenile offspring however liked simple things..
    Richard Doubletoes always puts me in mind of that incident. Either he is really clever using his real name as no one would suspect it was his real name or he really is that simple minded he can’t think up…..

    • He changed to Rickie after Longrider blocked him after trolling before that on there and on several others as Dickie Doubleday. As I’ve said, if you’re going to be a cunt then don’t use your real name!

      Take one look at the Penguin blog and it’s clear he’s certifiable…

  2. I wondered what had happened to said gentlemen as everything seemed quiet on the Western Front. I suppose the fella needs an outlet. Comes to mind, why doesn’t he just set up his own blog? Perhaps you could help him Mr D?

  3. There is an old saying….well, it dates back to the last decade anyway… that says “Haters Hate!”. Well I guess Cunts just have to cunt – they can’t (cun’t) help it, I guess.
    Ignore, move on, ignore again, that’s what I say.

  4. Shit Mr D, I have just sampled the inanity/insanity at the Penguin place. Surely this is one sick puppy. And this is coming from someone with a tenuous grip on reality. May the man find some peace, for he will find none on the internet.

  5. Magnanimous is my middle name. And I can do little to protect my good name from a random and persistent nutter. I think the discerning are aware of the genuine article. The man is deserved of our pity.

  6. I shouldn’t laugh, but …


  7. What you said, ‘You don’t pity a cockroach…’, but no this whole thing about trolls as well. It’s enough to drive you to drink. Have you been following Anna Raccoon and her gin goblin? You’ll have to pick it up on twitter…

    There’s some seriously strange people out there.


    • There certainly are some strange people out there and I’m afraid Rickie is pretty near the top of the list. He clearly gets wound up when he’s goaded over at The Penguin but seems unable to accept that all he has to do is stop and that will be the end of it.
      It’s beyond me why he keeps it going. He’s upset so many people over the years. Why? What does he get out of it? It’s beyond me.
      There’s no shortage of people queuing up to return the favour by hounding him so why doesn’t he just disappear? It’s the internet. He could come back with a whole new identity, behave properly and everyone would be quite happy.
      It’s weird…

    • The Gin Goblin certainly excelled herself when she tracked down the local vicar in our village, (I’m a Quaker by the way, so had never met the vicar, who was new to the job anyway!) of my dual identity as Anna Raccoon, had gone mad, and she needed to rush round to my house and do ‘something’ (exorcism?) about ‘it’. A very flustered Vicar arrived at the doorstep as Mr G was attempting to cook tea, to be met by Mr G who told her to take a long walk along the gang plank……it is funny in hindsight……
      I did mention on Twitter that Mr G (Mr G doesn’t do Twitter or anything like it) that the next vicar that turned up on our doorstep was likely to find he/she/itself head first in the river – only to set off more trolling that I had now become ‘violent’….. I decided then that it was better to not respond to anything, which I haven’t since. Hasn’t stopped the trolling of course, but hey, ho, it goes on in the background of my life and is unimportant.
      What is important is that I am going going to try hard to write something truthful and realistic as to what the end of your life really feels like, rather than what other people imagine it must feel like. The Charlie Gard case has made me realise that there are an awful lot of people out there who have fixed ideas as to how you must feel, what must be important to you etc…I am in a position to actually say how it feels – I am there, right now. So I am going to have a go.

      • My view is that everyone is different when faced with this situation. I think I’d be bricking it, but a friend of mine died of cancer several years back and said that the fact she knew it was imminent gave her a sort of peace.

        Guess we never know until it happens to us?

  8. I’m not bricking it, as you put it, but it is awful watching the people round me bricking it – truly awful. I have come to the occlusion that it is far worse for them then it is for me. I am full of drugs, drugs to sort this, drugs to help that – they go thorugh it ‘cold turkey’ as it were. Still, I shall do my best to write something – for End of Life care is a long way away in reality from the adverts you see on TV in the afternoon, and people needs to know that from someone who is actually there and knows what she is talking about.

    • “they go thorugh it ‘cold turkey’- AR

      Speak lovingly to your Mr G, through tumour filled wheezes.
      For he can full well enjoy the white spirit when he pleases (apologies to Mr.Dodgson)

  9. For all her friends: Visited Madame today, she is still alive and clear of mind.i shall update properly when not a laptop with broken keyboard. Suffice to say as iarrived she was being fed exclusive chocolate truffles & cups of tea by her butler G. (My respect for that man keeps on growing but more on that later when i don’t have to use sodding MS Onscreen keyboard).

    • Thanks for the update. Glad to here she’s still with us because I don’t really want to win the dead pool like that 😉

      Just been tipped off by RSSbot to a resurrection of The Trolls Lair with a new post that should give her a laugh and wind Rickie up at the same time. As they say at MacDonalds “Loving it!”

  10. I get the distinct impression that our lacklustre troll is none to popular :

  11. Having just lost my beloved Mother to a six month battle with aggressive cancer last Friday and having nursed her through out the vast majority of that time, I can only say to Anna, I kept saying to my Mum, “I don’t know how you feel, I can’t possibly know how you feel!” It was awful, heart breaking and soul destroying to watch this once vibrant, strong, remarkable and intelligent woman waste away to an unrecognisable shadow of herself..
    I miss her so much, I wish I could talk to her one last time.
    Best wishes Anna.