Banana Republic UK

“It’s fuck all to do with me…!

So it’s official then – the country that gave democracy to the world is now officially pursuing the same type of electoral fraud that goes on in your typical third world shithole.

It seems that the intelligent snowflake yoof have worked out that not only can you register in two places and vote twice, but that you can round up polling cards and vote 6 times. Well, OK then. Commit electoral fraud and risk the consequences but for fuck safe be intelligent enough to keep quiet about it! But no! We need to go on Farcebook and Twatter and tell everyone how clever we’ve been.

Except you’re not very clever are you? Because Corbyn bought your vote with ludicrous promises to abolish tuition fees (£4 billion) and refund all your £9,000 a year tuition fees (£10 billion) knowing damned well he couldn’t afford it and now he’s proving just what a bunch of mugs you all were by saying it wasn’t a promise, it was just “something we said we’d try to look at and see what could be done”.

Amazing isn’t it that turnout in some student infested areas was as high as 95%? No? Well, this is amazing – the police are coming under criticism for not investigating cases brought to their attention. Well, it’s all those nasty Tory funding cuts. No resources and all that…

Think about it. May only need to lose 6 seats to lose her majority. The top eight seats where the Tories lost by wafer thin margins seems to be in heavily student occupied constituencies. In Kensington, they lost by 20 votes. That would only take 20 people to vote twice to swing it.

Nobody is going to be bold enough to suggest that Labour orchestrated it but they’re sure as hell not going to do much to prevent it or investigate it are they?

The yoof have been played for bunch of mugs whose votes were bought by promises not worth the paper they weren’t written on – and this country has been reduced to the status of banana republic. It’s bloody shameful – even if it’s not that much of a surprise to some of us…


6 responses to “Banana Republic UK

  1. Stonyground

    Presumably this issue will be properly investigated and then some by-elections held then.

  2. Stonyground

    I seem to recall that towards the end of Labour’s tenure when they were getting hammered every time there was a by-election, they had a surprise win at a by-election in Scotland. When it started to appear that there had been something fishy about it, there was to be some kind of investigation but it turned out that all the paperwork relating to it had gone missing. At the time I was quite shocked that the authorities had no interest in getting to the bottom of the matter and that the media weren’t interested in calling them to account. So you would have to be offering some pretty impressive odds.

  3. They keep mooting some sort of ID check being needed before you can vote, like showing you passport. Sounds full of common sense. But for some reason, they aren’t going there. Hmm? One wonders why? Too convenient to have those fake votes, eh?


  4. “…The yoof have been played for bunch of mugs…” – not played, but allowed to just be their natural selves.

  5. “……..It’s bloody shameful – even if it’s not that much of a surprise to some of us……..” and so say all of us!