Play the white man…!

Say hello to Anne Marie Morris, the Tory MP for Newton Abbot. Apparently Ms Morris is a racist who has been suspended for the use of unacceptable racist terminology.

So what did she actually say? Well during a discussion on Brexit she used the appalling expression ‘nigger in the woodpile’. Shock! Horror! Not exactly BNP terminology is it or particularly offensive. But this is the 21st century PC where we banned the golliwog on the front of the Robertson jam jar, got rid of the nigger brown paint that my late father-in-law liked to paint his garage with, banned the black and white minstrels and renamed Guy Gibson’s dog in his bio-pic.

It’s bloody nonsense and frankly the so called ‘grown ups’ running this country should be ashamed of themselves for pandering to such nonsense.

I wonder what action they would have taken if Sajid Javid had said that the EU were being unreasonable and should ‘play the white man’? Would that have been unacceptable racist terminology?

No of course it wouldn’t. And why would that be?

Well, quite possibly because he’s not white – and only white people are racists.

To call a spade a spade, I think she’s been sold down the river by a bunch of cretins. There. That’s three racist expressions in the same sentence. Anybody spot them? No – thought not…


8 responses to “Play the white man…!

  1. So let me get this right. Mrs May has just chucked over £1 billion to get 10 DUP MPs on board to keep her in charge after lousing up a 20 point lead in the run up to the election then suspends the party whip from one of her own over this PC witch hunt. Why is she even getting involved?

  2. Racist. What are there ridiculous people on? It’s okay for certain sections of the community to use words like nigger and paki,to taunt people, but it’s not okay for the white man to use it, whatever the context. I await a knock on the door from the thought police any time soon.

  3. Bearing in mind that’s rather an outdated and obviously inflammatory usage, I think the lady has a – perhaps unconscious – politically self-destructive streak. It would have been so easy to say “fly in the ointment”, “stumbling block”, “drawback”, “potentially complicating factor”, etc., instead. Freudian.

  4. “To call a spade a spade, I think she’s been sold down the river by a bunch of cretins. There. That’s three racist expressions in the same sentence. Anybody spot them? No – thought not…”

    Well ‘spade’ is a derogatory term for black person which I assume came from the term ‘Black as the Ace of Spades’. Sold down the river refers to what happened to slaves who were put on a river boat to the coast where they could be sold on to slave traders. I can’t see a third unless you are counting that you used the word spade twice.

    • Apparently calling someone a cretin is “racist”
      “refers to ‘a person who is deformed and mentally handicapped because of congenital thyroid deficiency’. The word comes from the Swiss French crestin ‘Christian’ (from Latin Christianus), used to mean ‘human being’, ostensibly to remind people that ‘though deformed, cretins were human and not beasts’.”

      Mind you, the yanks seem unable to differentiate between offensive and racist. Mentally handicapped is not a race…

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