At last, sense about aid

I’ve written about the foreign aid budget several times previously. It’s a recurring theme with me just how we piss money up the wall to foreign dictators and countries with space programs and nuclear power industries. Basically it either gets trousered or given to countries who don’t give a toss about their resident populations.

And that idiot Nick Clegg – now thankfully no longer an MP – stitched us up when he joined the coalition by making it compulsory for the UK to give away 0.7% of our GDP whether it was needed or not. As a result the aid budget has soared. For every £10 in taxes, we now piss 7p up the wall to foreigners.

In 2010-2011, the Department for International Development had 1,822 staff. By this April this had leapt to 2,208, when other ministries were axeing jobs and slashing budgets. Half of the 386 extra employees have been added since Priti Patel took charge of the ministry last July.

The Dfid hands out the highest salaries in Whitehall, averaging £53,000 a head, and it is one of only three of all 19 government departments to keep recruiting. Pure fucking waste…

Miss Patel called for Dfid to be abolished before she became International Development Secretary. But she launched an impassioned defence of the aid target in the run-up to the election when it appeared the 0.7 per cent target might be watered down. After all, it would be a shame to water down her own self importance, wouldn’t it?

Now former Tory minister, Robert Halfon, who was sacked from his front bench role by Theresa May after the election, said the 1 per cent pay cap should be scrapped and that the finance for this should come from the aid budget. Many Tories agree with him that the sacred cow of aid needs to be severely reigned in. They’re quite right.

Nurse, police and fire fighters have had their wage rises capped at 1% for years while the aid budget spirals out of control. When our own people are struggling to make ends meet, it’s time that we put them first. To say that there’s no money to do this is patently ludicrous when we chuck it away on aid.

And when we’re not paying shed loads to the EU after Brexit, there’ll be even more money to pay key staff properly – but in the meantime the aid budget has to go. I appreciate that there’s no possibility of the disbanding the Dfid but FFS let’s slim it down and get a grip on reality.

It’s time to put our own country first…


7 responses to “At last, sense about aid

  1. I don’t think the government takes all of the GDP in taxes so it’s spending more than 7p in every £10 of tax on foreign aid. I don’t know the figures and I probably wouldn’t know how to work it out if I did but this is the internet and my truth is as good as yours. 😉
    My guess is that it’s closer to 20p in every £10 of tax.

  2. The main reason I didn’t vote for May was her promise to keep foreign aid. Second reason was her desire to control the internet – which doesn’t belong to any politician but to everyone..

  3. I wouldn’t mind but there seems to be no checks on what the money is spent on. If it was actually used to do some good and help those who need it most, then I’d be happy, but invariably it seems to end up in the back pocket of some dictator who promptly spends it on a Mercedes Benz!


  4. Surely the act of borrowing money then pay interest on it to then give away is the economics of the madhouse?

  5. Amen to that. Why do politicians always do this country down? Why do they despise the people? It is about time we drained this swamp.

    • True, but for years we’ve been up to our arses in alligators (and other reptiles)…

  6. I suppose I could simplify all this with a simple statement :
    “Less foreign aid and more domestic aid”…