Jesus H fucking Christ on a bicycle! Are there no depths to which Jeremy Corbyn will not sink in order to garner a few extra votes from the great unwashed, know nothing, snowflake generation?

Apparently not.

Is it only me that thinks it’s ironic that Jezza gives a lecture on austerity to a bunch of people who just paid £300 to see Katy ‘Airhead’ Perry?


Jezza pushed all the snowflake, gimme generation’s buttons. Gimme a job. Gimme high wages. Gimme a house to live in. Gimme the money the rich worked hard for so I can have it for nothing. Gimme open borders and help the poor refugees. Gimme free healthcare. Gimme a tree to hug. Gimme cultural diversity. Gimme freedom from poverty.

But more than all that what he was really saying is “Gimme your vote and I’ll give you lots of money!”

Except that reality doesn’t work like that, does it Jezza. So this is what I say to…



5 responses to “Glastocorbyn

  1. I’m shocked at how leftie Glasto is. But it’s aimed at the young and they’ve been indoctrinated for years through cultural Marxism in our schools, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised at all…


  2. He’s an opportunist clot making the most from the Tories disarray.
    It rhymes: “Teresa May = disarray!”
    Perhaps the snowflakes deserve to have JC (great initials) take over, so they can learn some basic economics while the country is bankrupted.

  3. I think you’re all just bitter and twisted because Jeremy Corbyn is actually out there getting his message across and increasing in popularity. That is what happens when people get to hear what he says rather than the tory medias version of what he says. Oh and Ed P…..who are the real snowflakes here? To me it seems the snowflakes are the right wingers that keep crying about how much coverage JC is getting….

    • I’m not bitter or twisted Tony – it’s just that I have a degree in economics and my lie detector goes off the scale every time I hear him open his mouth. What he’s offering is not achievable as the gullible would quickly find out if they elected him.
      Thankfully, without winning in Scotland there is no way that Labour can ever get a majority…

    • Dear Tony H, you are very amusing, but seem to have little understanding of Corbyn’s inflammatory behaviour. In the past few weeks he’s made statements which would have had any “man in the street” investigated by the police for trying to stir up mob violence & for encouraging the illegal taking over private property. Now he’s been to Glastonbury for an appearance in front of the politically immature, in another attempt to gain popularity outside of mainstream politics. This is not the behaviour of a serious contender for PM.