Words fail me…


Never underestimate the ability of people to be stupid…

8 responses to “Words fail me…

  1. rapscallion

    You can’t have it both ways ways Dioclese. Were they stupid when they voted Brexit? The good news is that Clegg is gone and the SNP lost just under half their seats; so another referendum on the Jocks leaving the UK is dead in the water.

    • You have to be stupid to vote for Corbyn. I will grant you May was just as stupid to call a presidential election in the first place…

  2. Way back in 1980 something, a survey carried out for Hambro found that 85% of the population had an intellectual age of 11, yes eleven, and it’s gone downhill ever since, explains a lot eh?

  3. The sad thing is that this was all so obvious weeks ago: No indication of a common theme by the Cabinet, a selection of weak ministers, ludicrously slow start to Brexit declaration, continuation over Hinkley Point and HS2, general inability to understand commence and above all no conviction about anything. Corbyn knew how to behave and convince the millennials it’s so easy to preach socialism to the young, yet no attempt to destroy the argument, too much time spent rubbishing the man

  4. Stonyground

    Er, rapscallion, the people who voted for Brexit were probably not the ones who voted for Corbyn, just saying. Also, it can at least be argued that freeing ourselves from the corrupt EU dictatorship is a good idea even if you disagree, putting a communist in charge of your country is a bad idea. anyone who disagrees with that always very quickly finds out that they were wrong.

  5. Almost time to cast a clout!

  6. Snatched from the jaws of victory..

  7. I have no comment to make on the election only one of DisMay.