Keep calm – it’ll soon be over!

This time next week, we’ll all know whether we’re in the deep shit…

I can’t remember an election which has produced a less edifying spectacle than this current one. When Corbyn did his U-turn the other night and decided to grace that dreadful debacle of a BBC ‘debate’ it hit an all time low. The audience was plainly hand picked by momentum. Rudd was quite right to point out that this squabbling bunch of kids is the sort of ‘coalition of chaos’ that could be in power this time next week. God save us!

Mr clever dick Corbyn thought he was so clever wrong footing May but it just made him look stupid, petulant and untrustworthy. How he can bang on about May making U-turns and then make an even bigger one himself is beyond me. I don’t blame May not turning up. At least she kept her word which is more than you can say for Corbyn. The man makes up policy on the hoof, contradicts himself five minutes later, and then changes it again.

Only this morning Corbyn announced that there’ll be no coalition with the SNP if Labour are the largest party whilst almost simultaneously Sturgeon was announcing that the SNP have agreed to join a Lab/SNP coalition.

Explain to me how allowing sick patients to retain their home instead of selling it to pay for their care, and how raising the threshold at which care becomes free allowing you to keep £100,000 in your estate instead of £23,000 can be called a ‘dementia tax’. They’ll be better off FFS!

This has been a campaign where the media has never been so biased. It’s been a campaign where soundbites take precedent over facts. It’s been a campaign of fantasy Corbynomics.

Corbyn confirmed this morning that McDonut, Flabbott and Thornbird will remain in post in his cabinet if he’s elected. A Marxist chancellor, racist home secretary and a foreign secretary that wants to scrap our nuclear deterrent. How the hell can people be stupid enough to vote for that???

And what’s more to the point remember that Corbyn lost a vote of confidence from his parliamentary party and most of his cabinet resigned. So exactly who is there apart from the these three that would be prepared to serve in his cabinet? But what the hell! Let’s put a glossy spin on it!

If the Tories lose their majority, there will be no Brexit. Corbyn has said there must be a deal so all the EU have to do is not give us one. If Labour win you’ll see your taxes rocket, your council tax treble, your job at risk as corporation tax hikes bankrupt businesses and cripple inward investment. You’ll see immigration go through the roof. You’ll see the national debt spiralling upwards as Labour redefine borrowing. You see yourself recategorised as ‘wealthy’ so you can be taxed even more. Labour will attack “the many, not the few”.

In fact even if you hate the Tories, you need to vote for them – because Labour will bankrupt this country and you – the electorate and taxpayer – will be the ones footing the bill…

4 responses to “Keep calm – it’ll soon be over!

  1. It will be interesting to see what happens to the pound and the stock market if Corbyn and his motley crew walk through the door of No10 on Friday morning. The pound took a dive on just one dodgy poll rating recently, the reality might prove to be quite alarming.

  2. Granville; You talk about the pound dropping and blame the labour party for that even though they haven’t been elected yet, but, correct me if I’m wrong, I would bet that you denied the pound dropping after the referendum had anything at all to do with that result. So by virtue of that do you think we would be better off in the EU? You can’t have it both ways…
    …and Mr Dioclese, your post full of scaremongering is precisely why Labour are now doing so well I think. The fact is that nobody has a clue what the tory policies are and if they did have an inkling at the start of the campaign they certainly don’t now as May has made more U-turns than a U-turny thing.

  3. Stonyground

    I’ve never understood why U turns are always regarded as a bad thing. If you take a wrong turn, which we all do from time to time, you need to make a U turn. The alternative is to just carry on going in the wrong direction.

    As for the scaremongering, this is pretty much what will actually happen if Labour gets elected. These policies have been tried before, lots of times in lots of different countries. The results are always disastrous, always, there are no exceptions.

  4. Interestingly the latest opinion poll puts the Tories on 43.2% – which is exactly where they were when the election was announced on April 18th.

    Labour share is +11 on the collapse of UKIP -6 and the Lib Dems -3. There’s a couple of points discrepancy which I suspect is coming from the SNP switching to Labour. The trackers don’t show the SNP as they’re not nation wide…

    I have to agree with Stonyground that this is pretty much guaranteed to happen rather than scaremongering. Let’s not forget that the pound dipped when the latest polls showed Labour narrowing to 3% and the press suggesting he could win. It’ll go through the floor if he does win.

    And, yes Tony, the pound did dip after the referendum thanks mainly to Project Fear orchestrated by Osborne – the man who is now doing his very best at the Standard to knife the woman who sacked him. That’s petty and vindictive and frankly the failure of the man to realise that he did it mainly to himself with the ridiculous scaremongering over Brexit. WWIII hasn’t happened has it?

    And the pound has since recovered now that everyone realises what a load of bollocks he was spouting about the economy. Where’s that emergency budget, Gideon?..