“I’m really really upset about Manchester – now stop banging on about my Christian beliefs…”

Here’s my round up of the piss boiling moments of the election campaign so far this week :

Tonight the Limp Dumps decided to replace their election broadcast with a heartfelt, personal and non-political message from leader Little Timmy Farron following the heinous attack in Manchester. Except that it wasn’t non political if you think about it was it Timmy? It was about getting caring, compassionate, Christian Timmy in front of the voters.

Bear in mind that this is the same Little Timmy who wants to keep open borders and free movement so more of these bastards can come here and murder our children.

Labour have announced that Corbyn will relaunch the campaign tomorrow with a speech blaming Manchester on ‘our involvement in foreign wars’. He will say the UK “must be brave enough to admit the ‘war on terror’ is simply not working” and that a Labour government would base its foreign policy on “solidarity, humanity and compassion”.

Good luck getting ISIS involved on that one, Jezza! And while we’re at at, let’s just remember that our involvement in the foreign wars he’s alluding to were down to a LABOUR government.

And this is the same Labour leadership who refuse to condemn the IRA, the last bastards who blew the shit out of the heart of Manchester.

Still there’s always UKIP or the Greens to fall back on. UKIP being so sensitive that they launch their manifesto while all the other parties have suspended campaigning.

And the Greens are making such a success of the council they control in Brighton that there’s talk of drafting in an emergency council to sort out the mess. Never mind, let’s all go hug a tree.

And what are the Tories doing? Well, May visited the victims in hospital and then chewed the bollocks off Trump after the Americans leaked pictures of the Manchester crime scene. Other than that, they’ve been keeping a dignified silence and getting on with running the country.

After all, someone has too. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else capable of doing it…


One response to “Electionballs

  1. Now Clegg is suggesting a coalition with Labour to end the Tory ‘hegemony’

    Timmikins said there would be no formal coalition and no confidence and supply agreement with the Tories or Labour – though he left the door ajar to an arrangement if one of the parties changed leadership.

    So no alliance or an alliance or maybe an alliance.
    Glad we cleared that up…