Labour’s dream team…


3 responses to “Labour’s dream team…

  1. How did the Labour Party, once a genuine movement for social justice and equality in our society, become this disgusting load of fifth columnists, economic ignoramuses and morons (Diane), intent on destroying the country?
    As Fraser in Dad’s Army said, “We’re doomed”

    • I think you summed that up nicely, Ed.

      McCuntsky and Momentum have a lot to answer for. As do the snowflake generation who lap up their crap.

      Please God don’t let them form the next government or we’re royally fucked…

  2. Just filled in my postal vote.
    Given our tory has a 21,000 majority it’s a formality really
    But then I’ve always believed that if you don’t vote, you need to keep your mouth shut afterwards.

    If you voted for them and you don’t like what they do – OK to complain
    If you voted for someone else and got a different party in power – OK to complain
    If you didn’t vote – fuck the fuck off and shut the fuck up. You didn’t care what you got so don’t moan about it…