DVD burning problems…

Upstairs in my study there’s a bookcase containing 28 books of photographs at 200 a time. There’s everything in there since 1984 and it’s all on paper!

So to free up the space, I’ve had a little project going to digitise it all and burn it onto indexed DVDs that we can watch on the telly. It’s been quite a long job and was going fine until this morning when the DVD drive on my MacBook Pro refused to burn any more disks, banging up an error message “Medium Error 0 x 73 0 x 03” so off I go on the interwebby thing to find out what the fuck to do about it.

Apparently, this is do with a dirty lens on the DVD burner and you just need to clean it. Not having a CD disc cleaner at hand, I tried another simple technique.

1. I squirted a liberal amount of Fairy Liquid into the CD insertion opening.

2. After gently rocking my MacBookPro back and forth I then blew a mouthful of fizzy bottled water through the CD slot using a straw.

3. Next I wrapped a bread knife with some toilet paper and jiggled the blade & toilet paper into the slot to soak up the water/detergent.

4. To finish off I used a hairdryer to blow hot air into the laptop and a long piece of wire to hook out the last bits of toilet paper.

Unfortunately I am not sure if it has resolved the problem or not, as the laptop has decided not to start up again. So much for Apple’s famous reliability…


3 responses to “DVD burning problems…

  1. Why on earth did you not try drying it out by blasting 80 psi of compressed air through the slot?

  2. It’s usually me that does things like this. Glad I’m not the only one who’s as dizzy as a fart…


  3. Are you sure there wasn’t a dirty picture in the stack of photos? Some DVD burners are sensitive little souls, objecting to any filth…

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