Idiot of the week

And amazingly it’s not Dianne Abbott walking into a wall at the Police Federation meeting, or McCuntsky falling on his arse at the manifesto meeting, or Corbyn announcing policies not in the manifesto. In fact it’s not a member of the Labour Party at all. It’s not even Tim Farron. “So who the hell can it be?” I hear you asking…

Well, the answer is that it’s Yanis Varoufakis.

“Who?” you say. Well Yanis Varoufakis is the former Greek Finance Minister (look at the state of Greek finances and it says it all) and co-founder of the Democracy in Europe Movement – although the words ‘democracy’ and ‘Europe’ these days do suggest somewhat of an oxymoron. Seems he getting all worked up about the future status of EU citizens currently residing in the UK.

Yannis reckons there’s only on solution to this problem : “The answer is simple and should be supported both by Leavers and Remainers. Grant them British citizenship unilaterally and immediately!

Well that’s bollocks Yanis, because there’s another solution that’s equally simple. The EU agrees to a reciprocal arrangement for UK citizens living in the EU except they’re not going to agree to that because the EU want the ECJ to take precedence over our courts even after we’ve left the EU. That’s not going to happen.

Of course, you’ve got no vested interest in all this have you, Yanis? After all, you’re just one of those EU citizens yourself.

So here’s a suggestion for Yanis : Fuck off back to Greece and stop telling our government what to do…


6 responses to “Idiot of the week

  1. “The answer is simple and should be supported both by Leavers and Remainers. Grant them British citizenship unilaterally and immediately!”
    Whilst every Brit should feel thoroughly ashamed at May’s refusal to give a guarantee regarding EU citizens and whilst it confirmed us as ravign xenophobes (and damned us) in the eyes of many in Europe. I have to say: “Yannis, what the actual fuck are you on?!??” No country in the EU, hell, in the entire world, would ever agree to a wholesale unilateral hand out of their passports and as a former Politician Yannis knows that damn well. I can only imagine he is a paid stodge for the Daily Mail, a sock puppetoulous for Brexiteurs.

    NB.Infact just the British idea that the reciprocal rights of citizens might be something that requires any ‘negotiation’ at all is offensive to most of the EU- then the rights of UK citizens after Brexit in the rest of the EU are writ in best Brussels stone and always have been. What offends me is that May obviously thinks she might be able to use the ‘rights’ thing to get a better trade deal…good luck with that Teresa.

    • You can fuck right off to Brussels and when you get there fuck off some more

      If the economic locusts from the EU’s eatern beggar provinces dont like it here they can fuck off with you

      • I can only assume from your Little Islander, armchair xenophobe style invective, that you think me a Remainer? A supporter of the EU ideal? You’d be wrong. I am neither a Brexiteur nor a Remainer nor, I am proud to say, did I vote in the plebis-cide and I am not even registered to vote in the June general election. I am a smoker.
        You also fail to point out why you think I’m mistaken. Which bit of what I said do you dispute? That May’s actions damned us in the eyes of most of the EU? That there is , and has never been, any question about the rights of GB citizen in the EU after Brexit?
        Yes I hold my hands up, the ‘stodge’ was a typo- but i think, perhaps, a fortunate one.

  2. I do like the image you make me conjure up of him (and many others I could mention) being a paid stodge…