This is getting silly…

I despair. Just when you think this election couldn’t get any worst, some bugger comes along and proves you wrong.

Here’s my pick of the stupidest election promises of the week :

The Green Party say that if they’re elected (Oh! There goes a flying pig!) then they’ll legalise prostitution. That should be good for a few fucking votes.

They’re big on immigration too. They’re going to close the immigration detention centres and let them all roam loose. Real vote winner, that one.

The Limp Dumps – whose leader seems to be pretty much out of it anyway – says that they’ll legalise cannabis. Well, Timmy is a bit of a weed isn’t he?

Labour say they’ll be strong on defence by refusing to honour the NATO treaty. The whole point of NATO is that the bloc stands side by side. An attack on one, is an attack on all. Corbyn just says he’ll set up a ministry of peace instead.

But they all agree that they’ll give the vote to 16 year olds – mainly because they’re less likely to vote Tory.

About the only sensible thing that’s happened this week is that Wee Kranky Sturgeon is saying very little indeed.

I suppose it’s not all bad then…

Fuck it. I’m off to hug a tree!


4 responses to “This is getting silly…

  1. rapscallion

    The Green Party – Jeezus H Christ. Mad as fuck or what. Their energy policy is batshit crazy. The Future’s Green – The Future’s Medieval

  2. Antony Fussey

    I noticed the Green Party’s energy plan required a change in a fundamental law of nature. Nice trick if you can do it.