“Cheers, Jezza. Have 4.5 million quid…”

News just in that Len McCluskey aide Dan Carden has been selected for the safe Labour seat of Liverpool Walton. It’s completely unrelated to Unite having given £2 million to the Labour Party’s election campaign.

In another absolutely unrelated event, during a meeting of its executive council on Monday Unite voted to release a further £2.5 million from its political fund of members’ contributions. None of this has anything whatsoever to do with the Labour NEC steamrolling Carden into Liverpool Walton constituency against the direct wishes of the Constituency Party.

As a result of these completely unrelated events, the Secretary of the CLP, Ben Williams, has resigned his post. He commented “When I’ve finished in work I will be tendering my resignation as CLP Secretary in protest at this disgraceful undemocratic stitch-up.”

Liverpool mayor, Joe Anderson, announced his disgust at the appointment, but didn’t have the balls to either resign from the CLP or stand against Carden as an independent Labour candidate. He did go as far as to say “We are reminded that Labour is not a meritocracy. But we will continue to campaign for the general election after which there will be more to say.” Whoa! Consequences! More to say!

It seems to me that principles are bought cheaply in the Labour party.

Is there anyone out there who still believes that if you elect Corbyn, McCuntsky won’t really be running the country? If so, then I suggest you question just how unrelated these totally unconnected events really are…


6 responses to ““Cheers, Jezza. Have 4.5 million quid…”

  1. Is there not a law that allows union members to opt out of political contributions?

    • Yeah. That’s in the act that the Labour manifesto says it will repeal. It also bans the closed shop. Read into that what you will…

  2. Stonyground

    Have you heard about Labour’s latest gambit? Vote for us pretty please vote for us, we are going to get splattered but a really big Tory landslide would be, would be, well like Thatcher, and nobody wants that do they?

    • “Ding dong the witch is dead”
      Remember that? Very grown up, wasn’t it?
      I wonder what the lefties will do when her statue get put on the plinth in Parliament Square…

  3. Funny how the lefties always have so much money and yet they’re against capitalism.


    p.s. I must recommend Obnoxio the Clown’s little ditty ‘Jez and Diane’ over at his place. Very drole.

  4. Stop press! Momentum have a crowdfunding thingummy going on and they’re asking you to donate £25! I kid you not…