History repeats itself

Recent events around Brexit have led me to reflect that history has a strange way of repeating itself. Think about it…

Concerned about the rise of the Third Reich, Chamberlain returns with his famous piece of paper outlining his ‘deal’ with the Germans. Then a couple of years back, Cameron return from his meeting with the Fourth Reich sporting another meaningless deal

Proven inneffectual, Chamberlain is replaced by a new leader in Churchill. Following a referendum defeat, Cameron is replaced by a new leader, May.

The Germans take over France and set up a puppet government under Petain. In 2017 The french elect a puppet president who will tow the line of the Fourth Reich

In 1940 Britain stands alone against the Third Reich and the Battle of Britain is fought. In 2017 Britain stands alone against the might of the Fourth Reich who what to crush as an example to any other dissenters.

Then, when France fell, the invasion forces were massed the other side of the Channel. Today as France has fallen, prepare to repel the invasion of so-called refugees camped in the rebuilt Calais ‘jungle’.

A pathetic Lord Haw Haw taunted the British people with propaganda broadcasts. In 2017 Tim Farron is doing the same.

Geobbals headed the Reich’s propaganda machine. Today we have Alistair Campbell and countless others spreading the message of doom and defeatism.

Hopefully, 2019 will play out once again as an historical repeat and Britain will emerge triumphant from an economic war being fought with a German controlled Brussels. As Winston Churchill famously said “We shall never surrender!

As for the French, well they can forget a repeat of D-day this time around…


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  1. George Speller

    Can somebody remind me of the caption to this superb cartoon please?