Vote Labour, get Unite…

I make no secret of my distaste for “Shite, the Union” and the nasty piece of work that leads it, Red Len McCluskey but the news this week is a bit of a piss boiler even by the standards of these guys…

There’s a safe seat up for grabs in Liverpool vacated by Steve Rotherham who just won his mayoral vote. Well, I say safe because nothing can be taken for granted given the drubbing Labour’s getting at the moment, but there is a majority of 27,000 at the last election and it is Liverpool, so I think we can go with safe!

The problem arises because with Rotherham just vacating the seat and the proximity to the General Election, the local constituency party, who would normally decide the candidate, can be over-ridden by the Labour NEC.

In a new low even for Shite, McNutcracker is threatening to withdraw funding for the Labour election campaign unless Dan Carden is given the nomination. In fairness to the Liverpool branch of Labour, they want a local candidate of their choosing, not some bloke parachuted in by McCuntskey.

“So who the fuck is Dan Carden?” I hear you ask. Well he’s McCrackpot’s bag man and trusted confidante. Politically, he’s so far left of Labour that he’s in danger of meeting himself coming the other way. He’s so far up McNutters’s backside that he could clean his teeth from the inside. Apart from that, very little is known about the guy.

If he’s shoehorned in by the NEC, expect a backlash from the locals. Liverpool’s current city Mayor and former council leader Joe Anderson has already announced his intention to stand as have other local councillors, so will we see two Labour candidates in Liverpool Walton? Anything’s possible these days.

Sufficient grounds in my book for believing that if you want Len McChunky running the country on June 9th, you just need to vote Labour.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, you can always rely on Labour to prove you wrong…


One response to “Vote Labour, get Unite…

  1. Isn’t there a quote about not interrupting your enemies when they are making a mistake?

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