Who? Oh, Labour…

I dunno, I turn my back on this country for a couple of weeks and it all goes down the shitter!

The EU are playing silly buggers with Brexit, Prince Philip retires, May is getting out of her pram, and Labour make big gains in the local elections proving to everyone that they’re the only party that can lead this country to a glowing future.

Oh, hang on a minute! I seem to have got that last bit wrong…

As today progresses, it’s becoming increasing evident that the only party this country has any confidence in whatsoever is the Tories. Poor old delusional Timmy’s Lib Dem resurgence doesn’t seem to be happening at all – there’s a surprise – and UKIP’s internal squabblings and general lack of leadership since Farage’s departure have wiped the party off the political map. Let’s face it, now we’ve had the referendum, UKIP no longer has a purpose and the voters are deserting it in droves.

But back to Labour. They have a leader who has lost a vote of confidence by his own parliamentary party, a front bench of unknowns, a Marxist IRA sympathiser as shadow chancellor and a shadow home secretary who can’t even do basic maths. What could possibly go wrong? Electing Labour on June 8th would set this country back to the 1970’s, hand sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels, and bankrupt the nation overnight. The voters realised this yesterday and have deserted them in droves.

John McDonnell this week said that he would reverse the Tory cuts on death duties thus, at a stroke, screwing his own core voters. And then, just to add to that, he wants to increase taxes on the rich – who he defines as any family with an income over £72,000 per annum. This screws middle England and again hits his core vote.

Labour is an absolute fucking unelectable shambles. FFS they’ve even lost the seat that their founder, Keir Hardy, held to the Conservatives. If the Welsh Labour heartlands will vote Tory, then anyone will.

And Labour have lost control of Glasgow – a council they’ve held since time immemorial. To the SNP? No. They’ve lost it to the Tories. Heartland Labour has had it’s heart ripped out of it by Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott.

Theresa May made a shrewd decision calling an election for June 8th. I predict a landslide and a ‘bloody difficult woman’ telling the EU bullies to go fuck themselves royally. Whatever you might think of her, she’s no mug and an accomplished politician. And the alternative is Farron, Corbyn and Sturgeon in some fudged up, unworkable and unholy triumvirate reminiscent of the three witches in MacBeth. “Hubble, bubble toil and trouble…

So are you going to turn out and vote Tory on June 8th? If not, then you must be seriously losing the plot…


6 responses to “Who? Oh, Labour…

  1. you meant to say “Conservatives” in the opening paragraph

  2. second paragraph even

  3. rapscallion

    Normally I’d vote UKIP, but we’ve done what we set out to do, so now my vote will go to to the tories. I shall hold my nose and do it you understand, but only because all the others (bar UKIP) want us back in the EUSSR.

    Labour, thankfully are a joke, the SNP only has any clout in Jockland (and that’s diminishing. That leaves the Dim Libs who are so pro EU they are on the point of committing treason. Farron needs a good smack in the mouth.

  4. I don’t think anyone but a Glaswegian like myself can understand how extraordinary it is that the Weegies have turned to the Conservatives – it’s a flying pigs result even for a local election.

  5. I reckon Labour want to set us back to 1395…. With their peaceful friends.