An occasional series highlighting people talking bollocks about Brexit.

Jean-Claude Junker
”It will cost you £60billion to leave the EU” – met with laughter by the PM

Gina Miller on the General Election
“An elected dictatorship is not a democracy” – but apparently an unelected one is just fine!

Vince Cable
“We are heading towards a dangerous one party state” – thankfully not the Lib Dems?

Nicola Sturgeon
“Scotland can remain in the EU” – even though the majority of Scots don’t support a new referendum

Richard Branson, billionaire tax exile
“The referendum was just an advisory referendum. Once people see the terms and the consequences of what’s happening, things could change”

The Independent
“Majority of British voters believe Brexit was wrong decision, poll finds. Figures reveal 45 per cent of electorate oppose leaving the EU”
So, the 48% are now 45% and that supports the view we should remain?!? Duh…!

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5 responses to “Brexitballs

  1. “Figures reveal 45 per cent of electorate oppose leaving the EU”.

    Doesn’t that mean that 55% are in favour of leaving the EU?

  2. “Majority of British voters believe Brexit was wrong decision” Funny, I could have sworn 52% of us voted for it, and what is more, knowing how all the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt put about by the Remain campaign turned out to be utter bollocks, I would suggest that the figure is higher.

    It just goes to show how blinkered and dogmatic the remainers are. Wankers!

  3. I think Blair, Mandelson, Miller, Sturgeon and Fallon are doing an excellent job of hacking people off, even those who voted to remain.

    Ably aided by Junker, Verhofstadt and – unfortunately – Merkel.

    Doing just dandy IMO, so keep it up chaps.

    Unfortunately it seems Nuttal’s doing all he can to t-bone his party with utterly facile crap about banning burka’s and doing bad things to people who practice female GM.

    He, indeed the whole lot who make up UKIP, should bang on about scrapping HS2, slaughtering overseas aid, using that to continue the triple on pensions. Oh and de-listing and de-funding each and every pressure group that hides under cover of “charity”. That way they have to open their books and pay taxes.

    This is the ONLY chance they have of getting bums on seats in Westminster and they’ll need to concentrate on the Britain First mantra if they’re to have any hope of continuing as a political force in 2022.

  4. “Doesn’t that mean that 55% are in favour of leaving the EU?”

    Not necessarily, there could be a percentage of don’t knows, don’t cares or whatever.