Operation desert storm

You might have gathered from the lack of posting that I’m on holiday. Actually I am in Namibia writing this on cheapo tablet so excuse the typos!

I’m sat in a bar in Sussuvlei in the Namib desert drinking free beer. It’s free because we are stuck in a sand storm and they can’t fly us out so we are royally buggered for now.

So, we lay back and think of England and enjoy the free booze!

Sand storms are a cunt!..


3 responses to “Operation desert storm

  1. You’re in Namibia? I didn’t know you could holiday there. Sounds quite exotic and unusual.

    Of course, you could be lying to us. Perhaps you’re not really ‘on holiday’ as such, but working, on a secret government project, as you’re not a retired accountant at all, but a paid assassin working for a shadow government. Nice.


  2. Namibia is one of those places best avoided. Speaking as someone who spent a couple of years on the Zambian/Namibian border. But it wasn’t called Namibia back then. The SADF airstrikes were a bitch.

  3. Bring me back one of those shrunken head thingys- or free beer. Yes, on second thoughts just bring back the free beer unless I can drink the free beer out of a hollowed out shrunken head. Err, maybe not a shrunken head as you can’t hold much beer. So best just to get me a skull and don’t forget the beer.