The great Scottish lie…

As we move towards Article 50 and todays vote in Holyrood, let’s see if we can educate Nicola Sturgeon on a few relevant facts…

First, Scotland can’t stay in the EU after Brexit because Scotland isn’t a member. The UK is a member. Scotland isn’t. Greenland was part of Denmark and therefore in the EU. When it separated from Denmark, it ceased to be an EU member.

Sturgeon is selling the lie that she believes Scotland can stay in a union it never belonged to by becoming an independent country. It’s not going to happen because it would require the agreement of all 27 countries to admit Scotland if it applied after independence. Spain has already said it would veto this, fearing an independent Catalonia.

Secondly an independent Scotland joining the EU would be required to adopt the Euro. Sturgeon wants to keep sterling, but the EU wouldn’t allow it. It’s a requirement of joining the EU that you take the Euro.

Thirdly the economy of Scotland isn’t strong enough to stand on its own. It gets money from England and it gets money from the EU. After Brexit, the UK would have more money to spend internally as it currently gives money to the EU part of which they give back to Scotland. The UK could match that quite easily after Brexit. Put simply, Scotland would be worse off outside the UK even if it was admitted to the EU.

In any case, Scotland on its own wouldn’t meet the economic criteria for membership – although I accept that those criteria have been fudged before, in Greece for example.

Finally, being part of the EU isn’t independence. If you accept your laws and economy being dictated by Brussels, then you’re not independent. You just swapped one union for another.

Sturgeon knows all of this, but doesn’t want the voters in Scotland to know it. For her it’s independence at any price – including not really being independent at all…


8 responses to “The great Scottish lie…

  1. Exactly. Satan’s little red sex toy can jump up and down for all she’s worth but she is completely wasting her time. I can only conclude that she is thicker than a whale omelette because she’s been told by the Spanish herself that her attempts to join the EU are a non-starter.

    I can’t see the Sweaties voting for this, but if they do – well that’s their problem. We’ll just have to re-hire Hadrian’s wall building company. Actually we could get the ancestors of those who originally built it to do the job – youth unemployment in Italy currently sits at 40.1%

    Two birds with one stone or what?

  2. Surely it is time for England and Wales and Northern Ireland to have a referendum to decide whether they are willing to put up with any more nonsense from Wee Jimmy Krankie, or whether we kick them out and leave them to their own devices.

    • Can’t help thinking that if England had a vote last time Scotland would be independent now?
      Loved the hypocrisy of our wonderful government saying Crimea couldn’t have a vote without the rest of Ukraine but Scotland could have a vote without the rest of UK…

      • To be fair, any vote should rest with the Sweaties alone. Can you imagine the shit fest that would follow from the losing side against the English and Welsh? It ain’t worth the hassle. Similarly I can’t agree with UK Fred for the reason that would he approve all the other nations, sorry. I mean satrapy’s of the EU voting on whether we should be allowed to leave?

        Let’s at least be consistent, what’s right for the Sweaties v UK, is right for the UK v EU and Crimea v Ukraine

  3. Your last point says it all. I cannot understand out why the Scots think that being part of the EU is being independent or is it that they dislike the English so much that is the real reason?

    • Yeah, I think it is Granville. I’ve spent more than my fair share in Jockland, and whilst not every Scot is a rabid English hater, it isn’t very far below the surface, bubbling away. Make no mistake, EVERY single sweatie,, without exception enjoys seeing England lose – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s politics, independence votes, football, Olympics or rugger.

      • They’re like all dependents – (self-) loathing their reliance on others. But I disagree about the hate – I’m a wee bit Scots myself: my family & friends all love the English -we especially revere Barnett!

  4. Ed P

    That wouldn’t be Barnett of this parish, surname Formula would it?
    Provider of teats