Yes, today we should all be happy because the UN has decreed it. To me the fact that the UN even had the time to set up this shit demonstrates just what an ineffective talking shop it is…

Founded June 28, 2012 The International Day of Happiness Resolution 66/281 was the result of the effort of United Nations adviser Jayme Illien, who conceptualized the idea for a U.N. Resolution that would recognize the pursuit of happiness as a human right and a “fundamental human goal.”

Apparently the UN resolution marks a new historical milestone in humankind’s ultimate quest for happiness, which dates back to the time of ancient sages and philosophers such as Bhudda, Socrates, Confucius, Aristotle, Plato, Epicurus, Mencius, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, and religious figures like Jesus, Abraham, Moses, and the prophet Muhammad – all of whom theorized about the purpose and meaning of life, the definition of happiness, and how to achieve it. Mind you, they all had fuck all else to do – a bit like the UN!

Well, here’s the Dioclese philosophy on happiness : you can’t enforce it and you can’t talk it up. Life is shit and you just have to get on with it.

And every time somebody says ‘happiness’ to me I think ‘Ken fucking Dodd’ and depression sets in immediately…


7 responses to “Happiness

  1. I actually googled this as I thought it was a pisstake. Fucking hellski!!!

    No International Day of Sadness though 😦

    • I’m looking forward to International Men’s Day…

      • You must get a shed – a Man Cave is the place to regain your equilibrium. Shed with transistoor radio set permanently on R4, armchair, table set just at the right height for your bottle of tipple and a pot-bellied stove for warmth. If you are lucky enough to get an allotment – bonus – even further away from the house and the Missus and kids. You never have to use a spade. Then, in either case – relax…
        Bloomin’ Mothers’ Day coming up next week though.

    • Just wondering whether a transitoor radio would work better than one with a sinle “o”

  2. I was ambivalent until someone told me about this nonsense. Then I was unhappy and pissed of at the ridiculousness of it all.

  3. On the other hand, yesterday was also World Sparrow Day.

    Today is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and World Poetry Day…