Blondeman rides again!

What can we say about Heseltine’s appalling stance against Brexit in the Lords?

Well, here’s a bit of Spitting Image made when he wanted to become the next PM – gawd help us! It really says it all about his attitude towards the ordinary voter!

May did the sensible thing and ignominiously sacked him from his cushy little advisory jobs with the Tories. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

It really is time the Lords was replaced with an elected Senate. I propose 400 members elected every 4 years with 200 elected at a time and two years spacing between elections. The changing composition might then actually reflect some semblance of public opinion? Well, I can hope so anyway!

One Lord down, only 799 more of the decrepit buggers to go. Bring it on…


3 responses to “Blondeman rides again!

  1. It’s a great idea in practice, but the problem is that you now have two elected chambers – so which one has precedence?

    The US gets by with 100 senators. We could reduce that by 4, as we only have 48 counties. So two per county then, and up for re-election every two years – just like in the US.

    The real problem is what powers will they have?

    What we really do have to avoid is party political placemen being nominated as prospective candidate for that chamber.

    As for Heseltine – I don’t have sufficient time to put here what I feel about the traitorous, odious little scumbag.

    • Good question.
      The commons must have precedence over any other chamber – so maybe we could make the Senate advisory – like the referendum 😉

  2. backofanenvelope

    How about two senators per county, one of each sex. 25% elected each year, 4 year terms, no more than 3 terms, top age to be restricted to state pension age. Same powers as current HoL, both houses to decide together any future changes. None of this will happen, because turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.