Our ignoble Lords

Today there’s yet another attempt by the House of Lords to frustrate the will of the majority of the electorate – and this time it’s doing so by putting the rights of foreigners in the UK above it’s own citizens.

Already we’ve seen attempts in the Lords to handcuff the Prime Minister in her negotiations with the Fourth Reich. Earlier, peers voted by 299 to 136 against an amendment to the Brexit Bill demanding the UK retains membership of the European single market. Very sensible in my view. You can’t negotiate with constraints publicised to your opponents.

Today they’re expected to back a Labour amendment that would guarantee the rights of EU nationals who are already living in the UK to remain after Brexit. This is despite a clear undertaking by the government that they’ll get these rights anyway provided the same rights are offered to our own citizens living in the EU. This is fair and equitable and as it should be, so where’s the problem?

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has written to every peer saying that the Government would treat EU citizens living in Britain with “utmost respect” but warned that it could harm the interests of UK nationals living in Europe if Britain offered a “unilateral” pledge.

“They could end up facing two years of uncertainty if any urgency to resolve their status were removed by the UK making a one-sided guarantee,” she wrote.

I don’t particularly like or trust Amber Rudd, but on this issue she is quite right. This isn’t about the rights of UK or EU citizens, it’s about the Lords trying to scupper Brexit.

It’s despicable that they criticise the government for using EU citizens rights as a ‘bargaining chip’ when they’re doing exactly the same with UK citizens. Not only that, but they’re putting the EU before their own countrymen. In my book, that’s treason…


2 responses to “Our ignoble Lords

  1. EU is Not the 4th reich!, the reich were pro-white nationalists wanting to keep the ethnic makeup of germany intact. Its current incarnation of EU was more like the 8th reich of back stabbing cucks! they haven’t cared about the ethnic makeup of europe for quite a long time and its top anti-white members including its current president have said they wish to flood europe with countless migrants they are quotes supporting this going back as far as 1928.

    • I know where you’re coming from, but the EU is basically the outcome of the Red House Agreement when the leading German industrialists got together to salt money away after deciding that Hitler couldn’t win the war.

      The idea was to have another go using economic warfare instead of tanks and guns. They based their plan on the annexation of Germany by the Prussians in the early 1900s. First a free trade area, then an economic community, then closer economic and political integration…

      Notice anything familiar here?