Pie in the Sky

Do we really want advertising to take over every facet of our lives? Things are bad enough already with 20 minutes of every hour of TV taken with advertising, bill boards everywhere we look and email and junk mail bombarding us. Enough is enough!…

So I was alarmed this week at an item on BBC Breakfast (even the BBC spends excessive minutes in every hour advertising their own programs! Nowhere is safe!) that a system is being developed that uses lasers to project three dimensional images onto the sky. Holy fucking bat signal!

Actually, in common with a lot of stuff you hear on Al BBCeera these days, this isn’t actually news at all. The system was first tested in Japan in 2004 when focused lasers were used to create a floating 3D image in thin air. The news is that it’s in danger of going in to commercial usage.

They were asked about safety issues. Apparently, these images will be above a driver’s field of vision and below aircraft height, but that’s bollocks when you think about it. If the image is far enough away it will still impinge on a driver’s line of sight and if there’s enough of them, they’re bound to be distracting.

Ah, but the images won’t be permanently displayed. They’ll just flash briefly. Enough to register in the subconscious. Mind you, I thought that was called a ‘blipvert’ and didn’t they ban them on the TV?

I despair. I never watch any live TV these days. I either download with the ads removed or record and fast forward through the breaks. It’s wasted on me. I have never knowingly been swayed by an advertisement into buying anything. In fact, I have deliberately avoided buying stuff because the adverts piss me off when they do catch me out. Ads like that arse with the curly tash on GoCuntpare or the pathetic twerkers of Moneysupermarket or those fucking meerkats. They really piss me off.

On the other hand, I’m clearly failing somewhere or I wouldn’t know who these idiots were in the first place. Arrrgggghhhhh!!!!!

Anyhow, here’s a vision of the future, courtesy of in the air 3D projection coming soon to a skyscape near you…



4 responses to “Pie in the Sky

  1. I avoid if I can buying anything advertised or endorsed by a ‘celebrity’ on the basis that they are probably earning a fortune that is added to the product price. I could run out of things to buy.

  2. Ads every 20 minutes, that’a a luxury, in Nuzzy its every 6 minutes. But then again I don’t watch tele, as it is shit.

  3. Bernard from Bucks.

    If a thing is worth owning, it will sell itself.
    When did you last see an advert for a Morgan?
    Most advertising is for things people would not normally buy anyway,
    and as Granville says above – adverts cost money – which of course is added to the price you pay.