What is it about so called ‘celebrities’ that they feel they have the right to talk down to the rest of the world as if they are some kind of degenerate mental pigmies? Why do they feel that they are so damned important and that only they know what is right and everybody else is just plain wrong? It makes me just plain angry…

We saw the latest example at the BAFTAs this week when has been, not very good film luvvie Ken Loach saw fit to proclaim that the “most vulnerable and poorest people are treated by this government with a callous brutality that is disgraceful. It’s a brutality that extends to keeping refugee children out that we promised to help. And that’s a disgrace too” he said.

Well, fuck you Ken because as far as I can recall you’ve not been opening up your unused bedrooms to house them so it’s alright for us to be inundated with with the flotsom and jetsom of the middle east just as long as you don’t have to have them anywhere near you.

And here’s some another gem from Loach : “In that real world it’s getting darker as we know. In the struggle that’s coming between the rich and the powerful, the wealth and the privilege, and the big corporations and the politicians that speak for them, on the one hand, and the rest of us on the other, the film makers know which side they are on.” Certainly do, Ken. You’re one of the rich and the powerful, the wealth and the privilege that’s speaking for us! Does this guy actually realise just how bloody stupid he sounds? I doubt it.

And, of course, arch luvvie Stephen Fry had to join in as well referring to President Trump’s furious description of Meryl Streep as “overrated” after she hit out at him during a Golden Globe speech, Fry said: “One of the greatest actresses of all time — only a blithering idiot would think otherwise — Meryl Streep. I would say underrated if I’m honest.” Well, you’re entitled to your opinion Mr Fry as I am mine. My opinion is that all three of you should stop abusing your platform to spout your political claptrap because, quite frankly, nobody really gives a flying fuck what you think!

And while we’re on the subject of two faced steaming hypocrite celebrities, what happened to all those ‘famous’ people who said they’d leave the country if we voted for Brexit? Still here, aren’t they! Just like all the other steaming hypocrite celebrities the other side of the Atlantic who said they’d leave if Trump became President.

Here’s a thought tho’ – maybe they all left after Brexit and came back after Trump? Just wondering…


3 responses to “Pontification

  1. Ken Loach is a bloody fucking virtue signalling roach! can this marxist cunt do anything without getting his opinion on politics in the way? For the record His “deep” radiohead type films are shite I rather watch paint dry then watch another of his shite films Perhaps the cunt can put his money where his arse is and fuck off, And didn’t he do some film which put IRA in a more positive light? correct me if I’m wrong..

  2. Here’s a curious thing about luvvies. Why do they think they have any right to foist their views on anyone? What is the sense of entitlement – because they clearly have a collective one. But if, heavens forbid, I was given an industry award or recognition for what i do, why on God’s earth would I feel entitled to start lecturing people on politics? Of course, only views of the Official Luvvie Politburo are to be entertained. Any dissent is crushed by being black listed – in true McCarthyite style. ,

  3. It’s almost as if they see themselves as gods. Like being members of some way-out, wacky cult. A cult of celebrity. But like most cults, if you dare to complain or have a different opinion to them, they turn on you and try to bully you into submission. If you still won’t bend the knee in homage to them, they then ostracise you. You’re no longer ‘one of them’. Quite laughable….